How the new Bears Defense can help Kindle Vildor play better

Last season, Kindle Vildor was a popular choice among bear Fans and critics to be a prominent star in the defense. He showed up at a training camp, and many predicted that he would win a job sometime in the middle of the season. Vildor exceeded those expectations and ended up as a rookie in the first week. He had a great opportunity ahead of him to play against fellow 2020 Draft teammate Jaylon Johnson to help restore the Bears defense to its former glory.

It didn’t work.

Vildor struggled throughout the year, ceding a 69.5% completion rate when targeted. He allowed 14.6 yards per finish and was hit for six touchdowns. The opposing midfielders received a rating of 136.1 when targeting the wide receivers that Vildor was covering. Go from playing between 95-100% of team defensive picks in weeks 1-10 to between 0-39% of teams defensive picks from week 11-17 (not including weeks 15 and 16 when Johnson was on COVID protocols). Fieldor turned out of the season Habibie into one of the most underrated players on the team.

Feldor admitted that over the course of the season, his confidence waned. He tried to learn from it and grow from it, but at the same time put it aside and move on from it.

“It was kind of frustrating just looking at the plays, like ‘I’m there,’ do you know what I mean? I could have made this play easily,” said Feldor.

However, the bears do not give in to Feldor. Not only was Vildor one of only 19 players from last year’s squad, he got another chance to play important shots. Kyler Gordon may be listed as the team’s off-corner starter on the depth chart, but when the Bears go to pack nickels, Gordon will move into the hole and Vildor will be playing Johnson again.

“One of the things we said when we walked in, with all our guys: a clean slate,” said Alan Williams. “Move it away. white page. We’ll train you, we’ll teach you from now on, so I’d say since the day we entered the campus Kindle was on. He’s been working hard. He’s integrated into the defence. We love what he brings to the table. It’s fast, it’s consistent in coverage. So we think the stock is with Kindle and we’re just looking forward to playing it and seeing how it works on that defense, this year.”

Matt Eberflus echoed the feeling that it’s a clean slate for Vildor, just as it would a clean slate for everyone else. He also said that Veldur could stand a better chance of success this year due to the new system his team has installed.

“In our scheme a lot of times these outside players can play really well because it’s a defense of vision, a break in vision,” Ebervlos said. “Play some area more, more than most people. I think he can have success there.”

Furthermore, Eberflus’ cornerbacks are expected not only to keep the ball in front of them to stop receivers off the stick, but also to contribute to a running defence. Once again, Eberflus believes this is an area in which Vildor could find success.

“He put some nice punches on some of the runners,” Eberflus said. “Corners come in here and that’s an important part of it and he has shown he can do that.”

Feldur thinks he could be more successful with the new bears zone scheme, too.

“I feel like it suits me a lot, just being able to use speed, ability to break the ball, footwork, things like that, and play in the middle.”

More importantly, Feldor regained his self-confidence. Hearing that he has a clean slate of coaches means a lot to him. Ready to move on from last season, he’s been able to build himself back up with a mixture of off-season work and support from friends, family and of course coaches.

“I’m really excited, man,” said Feldor. “The coaches, they trust me, they believe in me. I’m just ready to go out there and show everyone.”

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