Howie Roseman talks about the Eagles player who sleeps the most, and Jalen Reagor regrets

We’re officially into Game Week before Philadelphia Eagles Week 1 Season Opening vs. Detroit LionsGM Howie Roseman took some time Talk to 94WIP on Tuesday About some of their unofficial acquisitions and existing moves. He also talked about the things he learned about the draft process – by selecting Galen Rigare – and how dynamic playmakers complement each other.

Roseman wasn’t willing to admit he had one of the best seasons in the league, noting that they should go out and play a game this weekend against Detroit and see how the roster comes together. He stated that the team was doing a lot of work in rambling and practicing, which GM sees as more useful than pre-season games, which tend to be more vanilla.

Talk a little bit about the safety of the new vultures, Chauncey Gardner Johnson, who Rosman says loves soccer and is passionate about the game. The CGJ also has a lot of the skills they were looking for in position – the ability to cover, the flexibility to cover the future of the hole or the narrow end, and it’s also a powerful and capable attacking tackle. Rosman admitted that getting CGJ so late meant there would be a bit of a learning curve for him, but he’s excited about the addition.

The general manager was asked how much of a contribution he has to how the players are used, but Rosman scoffed at the idea that he was trying to coach the team. He said he liked that head coach Nick Siriani would come to him and tell him how he plans to use certain players – or how he would use some players if they were added to the roster – but then the coaches put it all together. Bringing in someone who might like his skills, but coaches don’t have a role for him, Roseman said, would be frustrating for everyone, so they’re working together to make sure there’s something to suit every player.

This leads to a discussion about Galen Rigor And his pick on Justin Jefferson, Rosman admitted that one of his weaknesses lies in his mistakes versus successes.

“I think it continually motivates me to get better, so whenever we do something like that, I go back and look at the process and how we came to the decision. And listen, it’s clear. Those lead to where you’re going. Like, I feel like when we won the world championship, there were some mistakes that were made in that process, but it led us to get where we want to be.”

Roseman went on to say he couldn’t go back and change some of those decisions, but his take on Rigor was that they just needed to take the best player of all time rather than worrying about the fit or the composition of the current roster.

“Go back to that moment and we had two tight ends who were really good in the middle of the field, Greg Ward was coming off a really good year in the slot, and so we were looking for a specific role rather than just some sort of player rating. And that’s on me, 100%. At the end of the day, I’m responsible for all of it. I take responsibility, but I also promise you one thing, if you make a mistake, I will do everything in my power to make it up.”

Roseman was also asked about AJ Brownto which GM acknowledged that the recipient was “physically awkward” and someone who did not like to be dealt with.

“I think when you look at the guy and the catch radius, the run, and the power of play that he brings, we couldn’t be more excited.

I mean, it’s a beautiful thing when we look at these guys, because they all kind of compliment each other. Likes, Defonta [Smith]Let’s not forget how good DeVonta Smith is and what he can do as a road runner with his hands, height and speed. and then quiz [Watkins]Obviously, his vertical threat – he’s as fast as anyone in the NFL.

The guy I think we all sleep on – it’s funny because I was thinking about this last night, as if I should talk to this guy today, given how excited I am about him this year – is Dallas Guedert. And I get it, everyone is excited about AJ – I’m excited about AJ Brown, DeVonta Smith in his second year, Jalen [Hurts], and our offensive line – but this guy, this guy, this guy is another physical stranger. This guy can do whatever you’re looking for out of a tight end stance, he really came out on his own, his work ethic, and I think he’s one of the guys we don’t really talk to enough about about the quality of a player he is and how good he is for our football team.”