“I love his wife, I love his daughters, I have nothing to say”

Shaquille O’Neal Always proud of being one of the most, if not the most, dominant players, NBA like never before. It is widely considered, along with Wilt ChamberlainTo be the most powerful force in the history of the league.

On the legendary “The Big Podcast with Shaq” Los Angeles Lakers The Big Man was startlingly humble about his exploits against one called the “Shack Stopper”.

When asked about his thoughts on Theo Ratliff’s bragging about how he could have stopped Shaq in the 2001 NBA Finals, O’Neal only commented:

“I love his wife, I love his daughters, I have nothing to say. You are absolutely right Spice [Adams], I won! He stopped me. I couldn’t do anything with Theo [Ratliff], nothing at all. It was very good.”

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Shaquille O’Neal had the best poker face and never laughed. He may have really thought Ratliff could have stopped him, but O’Neill was always adamant that he saw every defender as a “roast chicken.”

What Shaq said about the former Philadelphia 76ers center was the opposite of what he had bragged about over the years.

No one wonders how dominant O’Neill is. The surprise was how he managed to keep his face straight when he answered Spice Adams.

Theo Ratliff opens up about his 16-year NBA career, playing for Allen Iverson in the prime of his life, the keys to being a great player to block shots, defending Shaquille O’Neal, positioning development, his transition to retirement, and off. endeavors and more. Question and Answer: hoopshype.com/2020/03/29/nba…

During his early years, which was 2001, Shaquille O’Neal set brutal numbers against just about every defender. Nobody could stop him 1-on-1, and that was a huge reason the Los Angeles Lakers won three consecutive championships at the height of the Shaq.

Shaquille O’Neal averaged 27.1 PPG, 12.1 RPG, 2.9 APG and 2.6 BPG from his rookie year through his final year with the LA Lakers.

His NBA Finals numbers with the Lakers were even more impressive. In 20 purple and gold matches in 4 championship rounds, O’Neal placed 33.6 PPG, 14.1 RPG and 3.1 APG.

(2001) 17 years ago today, @shaq is unstoppable in the NBA Finals.

In that period, Shaq faced some of the best defenders in NBA history like Tim DuncanDavid Robinson Hakim Aliwan And Dikembe Mutombo. They couldn’t do much against the 7’2 and 320lb giant inside the paint.

According to Theo Ratliff, getting Shaquille O’Neal to work on defense is the best way to limit Shaq’s attack.

Theo Ratliff recently opened an interview About the 2001 NBA Finals. The Philadelphia 76ers traded the then injured All-Star position with the Atlanta Hawks for Dikembe Mutombo for reinforcement.

Against Mutombo, Matt Geiger, Tyrone Hill and Todd McCulloch, Shaquille O’Neal obliterated the Philadelphia 76ers. Shaq had a monster series with an average of 33 PPG, 15.8 RPG, 4.8 APG and 3.4 BPG.

“I kind of figured out how to not only play against Shaq, but realizing my speed and my athletic ability put him in a position he didn’t want to be in. Especially when I bring him up in that choice-Wolf. He knew he didn’t want to have to guard that. That was it. big.”

.SHQ Not a mistake 👀 that’s what he did in the 2001 NBA Finals against legendary defender Dikembe Mutombo. 🔥🔥- 33 PPG- 57 FG % – 15.8 RPG- 4.8 APG- 3.4 BPG- 28 Points, 20 Rebs, 9 Asts, 8 Blks in GM2- MVP Finals 🏆

The gassed Shaq, who could also be in nasty trouble, was Ratliff’s best idea to contain O’Neill. Ratliff also added why Mutombo was not the perfect ‘Shack stopper’:

“I knew that once you had my game, he wasn’t athletic. It’s another anchor that’s going to sit in that middle with a big one so the lanes won’t be as open as they were with the core we had where I can step outside and I can move outside and do a little more than it was On it you can give them some open lanes and also run the break and things like that.”

Theo Ratliff vs Shaquille O’Neal philosophy is nothing new. Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Hakim Aliwan could use this strategy better than Ratliff. It was a tactic that didn’t constantly bother Shaq.

Edited by Sankalp Srivastava