“I owe TD a lot of time” | For Manu Ginobili, Tim Duncan’s Choice

Duncan Ginobili will perform at the Hall of Fame induction party, and Manu couldn’t have seen him any other way.

SAN ANTONIO – Before Manu Ginobili, soon-to-be Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, entered the world of basketball immortality, he had a choice.

Who will be the presenter on the Hall of Fame committee?

According to the rules of the hall, the person entering for the honor must be presented by a person already listed. And Ginobili could have asked any basketball legend in the hall to honor him.

He could have asked Charles Barclay who is best known for shouting the Manu family name and who would be up front for other candidates in the 2022 class. Michael Jordan is someone else, considering Ginobili had posters of him as a child and worshiped him while growing up in Argentina. Near the house, he could have asked George Gervin to introduce him considering he’s the first San Antonio Spurs player to be honored, a Manu fan.

But for Ginobili, the choice was clear – it had to be his longtime San Antonio teammate, Tim Duncan.

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“Well, there’s not a lot of Argentinians I’ve played in the Hall of Fame with, and Tim – I’ve played 14 years with him,” Ginobili said.

This duo made up two-thirds of the franchise’s iconic “Big 3” along with Tony Parker who also co-elected the Hall of Fame in 2023.

For decades, Ginobili and Duncan have racked up wins, hit deep playoffs, won four NBA titles together and even played two NBA All-Star games together (2005, 2011) as Duncan poked fun at Manu’s “rocker” hairstyle when He had a flush of locks.

However, Ginobili still has another option as far as choosing a provider.

Spurs boast another hall member, David Robinson.

Robinson is a fan of Ginobili, they won a title together in 2003, often wearing his jersey in matches during Manu’s playing days.

And Ginobili pondered Robinson for a moment to reflect on the Spurs teammate’s lineage until his big moment today in Springfield.

“David [Robinson] “It would have been another option,” Ginobili said, “but I thought David was the right guy for Tim and Tim for me.”

Ginobili enters the hall with a basketball biography that includes an outstanding international career including Olympic medals and Euroleague championships.

His NBA resume is equally impressive with the NBA Sixth Man of the Year, NBA All-Star picks, and NBA titles.

But as for Ginobili, he knows he won’t have much NBA success without his presenter by his side for several seasons in San Antonio.

This is another reason why he chose Duncan over the many Hall of Famers he could have chosen for his presentation.

“I owe TD a big time,” Ginobili said. “There’s no Hall of Fame talk if TD isn’t on my team. We know that!”

“It was the right thing to do,” he said.

Ginobili is set to enter the Hall of Fame Saturday night in Springfield and become the fourth spear in franchise history to receive this honor.

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