Jazz exchanges Donovan Mitchell with the Cavaliers as the Knicks dream dies

Knicks President Leon Rose Officially Announced RJ Barrett Contract Extension On Thursday afternoon, he called it “an essential part of our team’s foundation.”

It better be scandalous because the Knicks won’t get Donovan Mitchell, who is said to be heading to the Cavaliers for a first-round five-pickup Colin Sexton, Laurie Markkanen and Ochai Agbaji.

Three of the first-round picks were unprotected—the sticking point in the negotiations with the Knicks. Danny Aing, chief executive of Utah State Basketball Operations, initially wanted four unprotected picks in the first round, but settled on three.

“They thought they had Inji and Utah up the barrel,” a league source said. “They were behind on the best performances from selections and players and Danny got three without protection.”

Mitchell, who removed Utah from his Twitter bio this week, preferred to trade the Knicks back home, but he’s still closer to his roots in Ohio’s Westchester County than he is in Utah.

One of Rose’s final performances was two unprotected first rounds and three conditional picks with Barrett. It is not known if Rose made a bid with three unprotected first-round picks in a non-Barrett iteration. Ainge passed but he was still very interested in getting Quentin Grimes in the deal. Apparently, Rose didn’t think Ainge actually got a three-man unprotected bid from the first round and withheld Grimes from any offers.

Donovan Mitchell playing jazz on May 26, 2021.

It should also be noted that all things being equal, it is possible that Ainge preferred to trade Mitchell off-Broadway and prevented him from playing in the media capital of the world.

The Nix Plan B builds a youthful core and is still highly tradeable with venture capital. They will have two first-round picks in 2023 and 11 over the next seven years.

The Knicks lost their 2022 lottery pick, the eleventh slot, this year to open a cover space for Galen Bronson and could lose another first player for allegedly tampering with.

The Knicks will be keeping an eye on the next disgruntled player to go on the trading block with the previously mentioned Oklahoma City point guard Shay Gilgus Alexander. Ironically, the Knicks passed it on to him in the 2108 draft, as if he was breathing on Mitchell in 2017. Gilgus Alexander could be a better fit with Bronson than Mitchell.

Moments before news of Mitchell broke, Nicks released a statement regarding Barrett possibly to soften the blow.

“We are pleased to announce a well-deserved extension for RJ Barrett, which is an essential part of our team foundation,” Rose said. “At just 22 years old, he has raised the bar every season, establishing himself as a force on both ends of the field. We believe he will continue to improve because of his passion for the game and dedication to his craft. We want to continue building our team and culture around players like RJ who possess these values ​​and qualities.”

The Knicks are now set to make a fifth starting lineup with Bronson, Evan Fournier, Barrett, Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson.

With Mitchell on board, the Knicks felt they could be a team with 47 wins and a 10-win improvement. But they did not want to exhaust the venture of capital and prevent themselves from taking another important step of getting them to compete for ownership.

Now their list will likely make them a tournament contender but not much higher. Meanwhile, their Eastern Conference rival Cavaliers did well with New York-born GM Koby Altman quietly getting the goods.