Juan Toscano Anderson has proven that he can play alongside Steve Curry, and now LeBron James and Anthony Davis are coming on

Welcome to our site Lakers Season Preview Series! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be writing columns each weekday, detailing the biggest questions we have about every player the Lakers added in the off-season. Today, we take a look at Juan Toscano Anderson.

For the second year in a row (and the fourth time in five seasons), Lakers You rob a Golden State veteran in free agency. after rip I was a Bazimore last season, LA takes a chance on Juan Toscano Anderson (GTA), a 6’6 forward who is all about hustle, defense and solidity. The Mexican by origin is expected to fill in the missing depth on the Lakers’ current roster and hopefully be an ideal contributor alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

JTA arrived in Los Angeles after kicking off a tournament with the Warriors, spending most of the playoffs watching his teammates from the sidelines. Although it’s tempting to classify him as a potential warming man (he is after all, on the bare minimum of a veteran bargain), the Lakers will need The 29-year-old is set to become a key player if he hopes to emulate the success of the former JTA team.

Like the Swiss army knife of basketball, the JTA brings a whole host of skills to this Lakers roster, including strong ball pressing, the ability to guard at least four positions, and underestimates. passing skills, Little ambient shooting, transitional play speed, and a high basketball IQ.

To the extent of his elite prowess, JTA first place In multiple defensive positions (for players who have played at least 500 minutes) according to BBall indicator. Also, his 76th percentile D-LEBRON talks about his ability to be an all-around defensive playmaker, breaking plays before they happen and picking who the team needs. JTA’s defensive package should provide a boost to the team that finished a brutal 21st in the defensive rankings last season.

In the event of an attack, JTA will have to play the conductor along with the superstars of the team to make himself useful in this finish, enabling him to stay on the ground for great minutes.

What is his best scenario?

JTA’s season will be a resounding success if he can prove that he is indeed a high-quality player of NBA caliber.

just us monk owner Did last season, JTA has a fantastic opportunity to earn a big raise for himself by proving that he deserves more than the bottom line, someone who is legitimately credible to provide consistent scoring, energy and efficient minutes off the bench. JTA comes with plenty of hustle, heart, and effort, and it wouldn’t be a surprise if he quickly became a fan favorite.

However, in order for JTA to be a regular off the bench, he must constantly contribute to attacking in the manner expected of him in defence. He earned 34.8% of downtown as a rookie in the 2019-20 season, before drilling 40.2% of his triples the following year. Unfortunately, his 3-point accuracy has fallen dramatically last season, dropping to just 32.2% in the campaign. However, in his last 35 games, he’s converted 41.5% of his attempts, leaving some reason to hope he can pay opponents to leave him open in his first season with the Lakers.

What’s his worst case scenario?

JTA’s worst result is if it follows him Bazmore footsteps By playing himself outside of the rotation and spending the greater part of the season on the bench. The veteran’s defensive strength should automatically earn him some burns, especially considering the rarity of wings on the roster, but there’s a chance that JTA will be on the bench as Bazemore if he underperforms.

Toscano Anderson will compete against fellow minimal signing Troy Brown Jr. and middle-tier taxpayers contracted to Looney Walker IV due to playing time on the wing. If JTA struggles to take the ball off the bat (and that was the case last season), it could be difficult for him to stay on the ground.

Also, with the Lakers lacking in depth on the flank, the task of hunting down some of the game’s best attackers could be handed over to the JTA. If he can’t keep up with the best in the West in this position, a crop that includes Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and even Andrew Wiggins, he probably wouldn’t be down to earth at the game’s biggest moments.

What is his potential role on the team?

In all likelihood, the striker will be asked to play the link between Davis, James and possibly Russell Westbrook. JTA will be one of the major Lakers tasked with doing the dirty work required to win basketball – Something he did a decent job of during his time in the Golden State.

If he can color the Lakers attack, like Alex Regla hopes he canJTA could become one of the Lakers’ most valuable contributors this season. If he struggles to make open jumps, he can find himself on the outside looking inward.

However, in all likelihood, his heroics pedigree and defensive fortitude should give him a foothold in the Lakers’ other wings in hopes of securing a role on the field this season.

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