Justin Fields wasn’t excited to take on Tre Lance, ‘delighted’ by 49ers

Lake Forest – Darnell Mooney opened his eyes when he said bear Quarterback Justin Fields will make the San Francisco 49ers “pay” for his pass in the 2021 NFL Draft when the two teams meet at Soldier Field in the first week.

But ask Fields, and he’ll tell you that’s just “the moon running the moon.”

The 49ers’ decision to draft Trey Lance to Fields with the No. 3 overall pick in 2021 isn’t part of Fields’ motivation as he prepares to start his crucial second season in the NFL.

“I don’t take anything personal,” Fields said Wednesday at Halas Hall. “I’m happy to be here. I’m glad they left me. I’m just ready to play this weekend.

“The draft is the draft. The draft doesn’t matter at this point. Mooney, you can take Mooney, for example. It’s been passed by 32 teams, so it feels like you’re in the league now, do your job now. Boom. Perform at a level.” High. That’s what it is. It’s week one. We’re here to play ball. We’re not worried about last year’s draft, “Oh, this team just passed me by. We don’t think about that.”

Fields has a lot of respect for Lance, who has worked with him since before the draft process. When asked to describe the man 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan drafted in his place, Fields was nothing free from Lance, who will start his third NFL career Sunday at Soldier Field.

Fields said: “I think he’s a good midfielder, Athletic. He’s my man. He’s a good guy for sure.”
The Fields drive heading into Sunday’s tilt comes not from past flips or outside noise but from an internal fire.

“I think he’s trying to be the best midfielder he can be,” head coach Matt Ebervlos said of Fields’ self-motivation. “I’ve proven it every single day since I’ve been here.”

Fields spent eight months working tirelessly to rebuild his footing, alter his mechanics, improve his pocket presence, and embrace the leadership role entrusted to him by the new Beers regime.

Those long hours from January through August are what motivates the fields. He doesn’t want the work he and the bears have done to be in vain.

“My guys are in my locker room,” Fields said when asked what motivates him. “Just seeing the work we’re doing. The coach says all the time, it’s about us. It’s not about the 49ers this week. It’s about us – how we play; how we execute. So, I only play for my teammates, I play for My coach and I get out here and do my best.”

Fields said all the right things led to a date with the team that many thought would be a perfect fit to get out of Ohio State. It certainly wasn’t lost on him that he ended up third place far behind Lance and Mac Jones on the Shanahan board. He may have heard that Shanahan was famous for setting up Lance plays on his way home from attending Fields’ Professional Day.

So maybe Fields will take the field on Sunday at Soldier Field without thinking about what it could have been. Maybe his focus is really on the task at hand and not on trying to send a message to a team that decided he wasn’t the right guy for them.

But he is only human. Human nature tells us that the best athletes, those with rare Fields abilities, are often motivated by whatever they can find in their tank of motivation. It doesn’t take any mental gymnastics to throw a gas to face the team you’ve passed. It’s simple and straightforward.

If Fields has extra juice this week due to the rebate, which he denies, the Bears are more than OK as long as the young signal caller can harness it and use it to their advantage.

“Yes, the motive is funny, isn’t it?” Eberflus said. “Sometimes different people are motivated in a certain way, and I think if you have that in control, which means self-control, and you use that right way to motivate you, I think there is nothing wrong with that. This can be anything. Be anything “.

For fields, it could be multiple things. It may be everything. But he will leave the talk of revenge to Mooney and his colleagues. He focuses on everything else.

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