Kansas City Chiefs released updated depth chart for Week 1

After compiling their 53-player roster, the Kansas City Chiefs released their first depth chart ahead of their first-week game against the Arizona Cardinals.

In general, these depth charts give you an idea of ​​where the player is on the depth chart, but they are not always completely accurate. They are considered “informal” because they were compiled by the team’s PR staff, not the coaching staff. The depth chart may not accurately reflect what happens on game day as a result. However, PR personnel have access to the teams’ closed practices and do not intentionally mislead. It’s meant to be a seamless document that evolves as the menu changes over the course of the season.

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With all that in mind, let’s take a look at this first depth chart and see what we can learn about the 2022 heads:

AP Photo / Kamil Krzaczynski

POS. Or not secondly third the fourth
QB Patrick Mahomes Chad is Shane Boyshell
RB Clyde Edwards Hillier Gerek McKinnon Ischia Pacheco Ronald Jones
FB Michael Burton
The Travis Kelsey Noah Gray Judy Fortson
WR jojo smith schuster Sky More
WR Marquis Valdes-Scantling Mikol Hardman Justin Watson
LT Orlando Brown Jr. Jeron Christian Prince Teja Wanugu
LG Joe Thune Nick Allegretti
c Creed Humphrey Nick Allegretti
RG Trey Smith Nick Allegretti
RT Andrew Willie Darian Kennard


  • Nick Allegretti pulls the triple tasks onto the attacking booth as reserve position, left keeper and right keeper. Jeron Christian and Prince Teja Wanujo are the team’s backup left tackle, while Darian Kennard is the backup right tackle. I would be surprised if that was really the case when Wanogho was stepping in the right direction ahead of Kinnard during pre-season.
  • I’m a little surprised to see Pacheco listed ahead of Jones when that wasn’t the case in the team’s off-season depth chart. This just tells me what Andy Reed suggested earlier this week – Jones will likely be a healthy scratch on Sunday.
  • Our Depth Chart Forecast On the offensive side of the ball he was about to stop Kennard, Wanogo and Bale (Who is on the wounded reserve now).

AP Photo/Charlie Riddle

POS. Or not secondly third
LDE Mike Dana George Karlavtis herring owner
LDT Derek Nadi Calin Saunders
RDT Chris Jones Turshon Wharton
RDE Frank Clark Carlos Dunlap Joshua Kendo
MLB Nick Bolton Darius Harris
WLB Willie Jay Jr. Darius Harris
SLB Liu Chanal Carlos Dunlap
LCB For Garius Snead Joshua Williams Jaylene Watson
RCB Trent McDuffy Rashad Fenton Chris Lamons
FS Juan Thornhill Dion Bush
SS Justin Reed Brian Cook


  • Leo Chenal and Trent McDuffy gain lead roles in defence, while George Karlavtis supports Mike Dana. I wouldn’t be shocked if Karlavtis continues to start in place of Danna in Week 1, but both players will be contributing a lot in 2022.
  • Dunlap is likely only on the linebacker list for the same reason that Melvin Ingram was last season – so he can wear the number 8 jersey.
  • Harris is MIKE’s reserve quarterback and Will is on the depth chart at the moment.

Denny Medley USA Today Sports

POS. Or not secondly third the fourth
s Tommy Townsend
K Harrison Boetker
LS James Winchester
h Tommy Townsend
Public relations Mikol Hardman Trent McDuffy Sky More
K Ischia Pacheco Sky More


  • I’m a little surprised to see McDuffie listed in front of Moore on the punt-return depth chart. I wouldn’t be shocked if Moore is still the ultimate start here. I would expect Hardman to be used there only in emergency situations.
  • Pacheco is still back from the kickoff. Def Top said he would be given every opportunity in the role and did not disappoint during pre-season.