Kay Adams opens up about leaving ‘GMFB’ and a possible return to the NFL Network

Kay Adams experiences an eventful downfall.

she He left the NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” in May after spending six years Program hosting. In an extensive conversation – on behalf of Smirnov – she explained her reasons for leaving the show, ongoing talks for a potential return to the NFL Network, and how negotiations with Amazon and its new deal with FanDuel are deteriorating.

When asked last week about recent developments in her career, Adams said: “I knew last year that I wouldn’t be returning to ‘Good Morning Football’. My contract had expired. I didn’t want to renew because I just wanted to try something different.”

But she revealed that she is still trying to strike a new deal with the NFL Network.

Kay Adams spoke to The Post in an extensive conversation about her career.
Instagram / Kay Adams

“I love NFL Network and NFL Media. But in terms of the opportunities out there — we’re still trying. We’re still trying to get something done because I’m missing it. But I knew very well last year that I was leaving Good Morning Football,” said Adams, who partners with Smirnoff. In a vodka brand search for a “cocktail coordinator” this NFL season, I didn’t have a job listing.

“FanDuel is a company that’s been talking to me for a long time. They want to be in the content game in a really big way, and they tend to do it. When it comes down to it, it’s been a great show. I’m going to move to Los Angeles, which is crazy because I’m a New Yorker that I can’t even Leadership “.

Near the end of her contract with the NFL Network, Adams found herself in need of a new challenge.

Kay Adams felt like she had accomplished all she could
Kay Adams felt like she accomplished everything she could on “Good Morning Football”.
Instagram / Kay Adams

“It wasn’t like I left for Adams said. “You know what that is? I’ll be completely honest with you. I felt my work there was done. Like, ‘Do I stay here, which is comfortable, despite many years, at this job that I love, which is grinding of course?’ Or do I just want to see What’s there? “

It was widely believed in industry that Adams Was a lead candidate for the role hosting Amazon’s “Friday Night Football” coverage – The job that eventually went to Charissa Thompson.

“They made me an offer,” Adams said. “We’ve also been in talks for a really long time. It’s a job I really wanted. I’m disappointed that we couldn’t come to an agreement and no deal was made.”

Kay Adams at SoFi Stadium.
Kay Adams at SoFi Stadium.
Instagram / Kay Adams

However, Adams is excited about her role in FanDuel Renamed linear horse racing network TVG Its a channel that features a mix of studio programming and live sports.

“We are very excited,” she said. “It’s not every day, and not everywhere you work, the CEO sits down and talks to you about what you want, what you consider success, and how we’re going to achieve it. FanDuel CEO Amy Howe has been sitting with me for a long time talking to me about it — also Director of Marketing Mike Raffensperger.

“Everyone is really invested in just putting out good content. I’ll do a show for them and Pat McAfee says this a lot about FanDuel — they’re supportive. I’m a newbie to gaming, but it’s something I will learn with the audience. It’s not [pure] Show gambling at all.”

Kay Adams has crossed the globe since she left
Kay Adams has crossed the globe since leaving “Good Morning Football” in May.
Instagram / Kay Adams

Since leaving “Good Morning Football,” Adams has been touring the world. She described her travels and hinted at more news to come.

“I went to Africa, I went to Greece. I went all over Europe. I went to Wimbledon. I got to spend time with family,” she said.

Participants to be Smirnoff’s “cocktail coordinators” can upload a video of themselves making a Smirnoff cocktail over here. The winner gets a trip to the Super Bowl in Arizona.