Keys that can help the Cowboys defeat Tom Brady for the first time ✭

Tom Brady He is a perfect 6 and 0 in his career against Cowboysbut no one knows how Sunday Night Football will unfold. However, if we learned anything from last season, the Cowboys had a lot to do and didn’t do it well; This team is a little different from last season, but the keys to beating Tampa should lie in the lap of Dallas.

Most of these keys can be migrated weekly, which will benefit them. However, some of it just depends on the individuals who line up against them that week, and as we all know, playing Tom Brady for the second year in a row on opening night, what can Dallas do to make this game just as good as last season?

The first key to beating Sunday is stress. Tampa OL is banged. start Pro Bowl Center Ryan Jenson left Protect Aaron Steiny both because of infection. Tampa’s first offensive tackles are still excellent, but we’re Cowboys fans You know, these injuries It’s hard to beat sometimes. Cowboys defense Fabulous. men love Micah ParsonsAnd the De Marcus LawrenceAnd the Dorrance ArmstrongAnd the Sam Williams You must be prepared to make a mess. These four players should lead the way to the Dallas defense regarding bags. Make Brady feel stressed early and often; Dan Quinn He can’t be allowed to settle because if they do, it might be a long night for the cowboy, so take advantage of the weakness with your strength.