Knicks’ rupture over decision to extend RJ Barrett amid chaos may backfire

The 2022 NBA season was in everything but calm for the New York Knicks. from RJ Barrett Signing a four-year extension To the Donovan Mitchell trade drama coming to a close after two long months, Knicks fans didn’t have much time to really enjoy the season.

There’s still more than a month left until New York travels to Memphis to face the Grizzlies on October 19 in the 2022-23 season opener. Since Donovan Mitchell has traded with the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Knicks are now embracing the youth movement, but maybe not everyone in the front office is on the same page.

For what it’s worth, it seems the majority of the fan base is elated that Barrett has signed an extension. The 22-year-old has improved in each of his three years in the league and has the potential to become a superstar. Since RJ’s is in New York, a lot of disrespect has been thrown his way, but for the most part, Knicks fans believe in a future led by Barrett.

according to Mark Berman From the New York Post, though, New York reportedly did not want Barrett to sign an extension last week.

Knicks should be on the same page about the RJ Barrett extension

It’s important to keep in mind that this information comes from an unnamed NBA source, so it could be wrong, or it could be true. Berman wrote:

“They didn’t want to pay RJ now, they like RJ, but he’s not one of their buddies,” an NBA source said. “The preference was to trade it in the Donovan deal. … [I]If they got Donovan without Barrett in the deal, they wouldn’t pay RJ now.

According to this same source, New York reportedly wanted to wait until mid-October, or perhaps until July 1 of next year when he was going to be a restricted free agent. The source coined the extension as the Knicks’ last resort once the “wind caught” that the Cavaliers were the first to trade for Mitchell.

There is a lot to unpack there. We now know that New York Select the last day to complete the work Last Monday night the Utah Jazz to reach a deal on Mitchell’s trade, or otherwise Barrett will be extended. This deadline was set because Barrett was Included in trade proposals To Utah and providing a toxic pill in a stretch would make it difficult to trade. If the Knicks had Barrett’s high potential, they wouldn’t have tried to replace him with jazz, right?

Barrett ending his contract extension with New York at the end of August wasn’t necessarily a surprise, but it wasn’t expected either. That’s not to say RJ didn’t deserve to sign an extension, but instead it made sense for him to sign an extension in mid-October before the start of the season. If the Knicks view Barrett’s extension as a consolation prize after not trading for Mitchell, that’s not a good look.

Barrett seems happy to stay in New York, especially based on his stay Last post on Instagram. But regardless of whether the unnamed NBA source is telling the truth or not, the fact of the matter is that Barrett could have been traded to Utah State. Fans should probably thank Danny Ainge, although that sounds weird even in writing.

The last thing the Knicks needed was for RJ Barrett to feel as though his extension was something the organization didn’t want to happen when it did. He’s proven more than capable of playing in New York, a place that isn’t kind to many players.

While the Knicks are now looking for the next disgruntled star to trade for, the last thing they should want is to have one on their own list.