Korkmaz of the 76ers, Georgian Shengelia explains their views on the off-court fight at EuroBasket

Why things between players from Georgia and Turkey escalated into an off-court fight depends on who you ask.

Everyone agrees that she started on the field when he was the 76ers Furkan Korkmaz Georgia Duda Sanadze They were kicked out after a fight.

The fight didn’t end there, it continued to the hallway near the locker room When Sanadze and several Georgian players, as well as Georgian security officers, attacked Korkmaz While trying to get back to the locker room (Georgia hosts Group A matches).

Korkmaz explained his account of what happened, According to BasketNews.com.

“I saw a small part of what happened in the court… We came face to face, and he started talking to me. I won’t let anyone talk to my face…

“When I was talking to the tunnel, the A/C guy was with me. As soon as we got out of the tunnel and tried to get into the locker room, I saw three Georgian guys along with two security guys running towards us. We started throwing punches at each other. That’s basically what happened. It was like Street fighting. There was no talk or conversation. People came towards us and tried to attack us. Of course, we responded and tried to defend ourselves – exactly what we would do as men. I also think it was a security issue. But I don’t know if it was a security issue or if they showed tolerance for their players.

“We understand that they are in their homes, but this is not acceptable. What happens in court is good, but we should talk more about what is happening outside the court.”

Georgia player Tornik Shengelia – one of the other players involved in the attack – gave his view on what happened in an Instagram post via the Georgia Basketball Association.

On the one hand, we could have reacted differently and not let our emotions get better from us. We should have done a better job of not responding to provocation. We acted as human beings and as men and showed our reaction.

On the other hand, when a dispute begins in court, it should always remain there. You should not ask players of other teams in front of their friends, family and thousands of fans to go into the tunnel and keep fighting there.

Not only that, but when we were on our way to the dressing room, the provocations continued from the other side of the tunnel. Every kind of name was called and we were asked with hand gestures to go there and fight. The statements made to the media from the Turkish side also painted a completely different picture, which created aggression from the Turkish fans against us and our families. Aggression that includes very disturbing messages and death threats.”

There are a lot of serious accusations, macho attitudes and acts of violence here. FIBA is investigating the incident, although the amount of trust you have to put into this effort depends on how much you trust FIBA ​​as an impartial judge.

There were no injuries, and so far there have been no fines or suspensions for the incident.