Lakers News: Shaquille O’Neal beats Russell Westbrook


Lakers goalkeeper Russell Westbrook

The four-time NBA champion and Hall of Famer recently started Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Russell Westbrook.

Talk to Lakers Legend Shaquille O’Neal Bill Defilipo from Dime The three-time Finals Player of the Year said Westbrook was “absolutely fantastic” last season. Los Angeles Missed the playoffs in 2021-22 And Westbrook did not play well. Although a one-time MVP He averaged 18.5 points, 7.4 rebounds, and 7.1 assistsWas Westbrook Second place in the NBA in turnovers And the It scored an effective field target ratio of only 47.6%that was Sixth worst in the NBA.

“I don’t think he was his age. I think he was fair, and I say this with respect, I think he was showing a lot of respect,” O’Neill said. “I don’t care who I play with, I give you 28. Fans pay a lot of money to make $100 million.” I give you 28. It’s not like, “Every time I get the ball, I look for the other stars.” He can play too. So when I get the ball, I’m going to do something. It was so cute

“I don’t know the relationship between him and LeBron (James), but if you put that down on paper, it’s hell for a back court, Russell Westbrook and LeBron James. Why it didn’t work, I don’t know, but watching him play, it was so negative. I don’t want you to Be passive, I need you to play your game. I’m going to call plays, when you get the ball after they miss a shot, run, if you don’t have any, pull it up, give it to LeBron, call some plays. That’s how it was for me, he’s been thinking a lot. He is a man when he plays freely, he is a beast.”

Westbrook didn’t fit well alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis last season due to his inability to land outside strikes. A star every nine times They shot only 29.8% from behind the bowand out of 46 players who have taken at least 1,000 shots, Westbrook is ranked 42nd place in real photography percentage.

Lakers coach eager to work with Westbrook

according to The September 7 report from Rick Bucher of Fox SportsThe Lakers made it readily known that Westbrook was available for trade. Many members of the organization wish to move from a California citizen.

However, if any trade pays off, new Lakers coach Darvin Hamm will do his best to get it working with Westbrook, who He got the $47.1 million player option for next season. Hamm spoke to local media on September 6 and the 49-year-old had many positive things to say about his match general.

“It was all pretty straightforward between me and him,” Hmm He said. “Like, it was my pleasure. I’ve been a huge fan all his time in the league. He’s the salt of the earth. And again, he wants to win. I want to help him get the championship ring. But it starts from here. It starts today. That with the support of your teammates and the vision and doing it and working day in and day out Everyone is quick to look at the destination but you really have to appreciate, respect and embrace the journey. Both ways. He’s here. He’s here putting in the work. I love him and can’t wait to train him and can’t wait to be successful with him.”

Shack the Lakers

O’Neal loves the Lakers’ acquisition of Patrick Beverly. Diesel thinks there is a simple formula for Los Angeles to win another championship with James and Davis.

“Yeah, LeBron and A.D. are staying healthy, they’ll be fine. But in order for the tournament to be of high quality, they need to be cut out around them,” O’Neill said. “The Beverly pat is a good piece, it’s a defensive piece. Ross, I don’t know what he’s going to do, I don’t know how they’re going to use him. But they need some dogs like Beverly, they need some bouncers, they need some shooters. That’s all you need. It’s not rocket science.” You need a leader on the ground, someone who will dominate constantly, every night, you need a killer shooter, and you need a guy who will raise some feathers. That is. That’s how you win the championship.”

Unless the Lakers make another deal, their roster heading to training camp will consist of James, Westbrook, Davis, Beverly, Lonely Walker IV, Kendrick Noone, Damian Jones, Wayne Gabriel, Thomas Bryant, Troy Brown Jr, Juan Toscano Anderson, Austin Reeves and Max Kristi, Jay Huff, Fabian White Jr. and Javante McCoy. Cole Swider and Scottie Pippen Jr. are on two-way contracts.