Lakers rumors: LA commercial lands proposed by Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson for Russell Westbrook


Lakers star goalkeeper Russell Westbrook

according to The September 2nd report from Jeff Zilgate of USA TODAY SportsThe Los Angeles Lakers You “have some interest” in veterans still in the Utah Jazz after deals with Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell and Heavis’ Sean Devine business idea for Los Angeles and Utah.

in September 9 pieceDaveney suggested that the Lakers trade Russell Westbrook and that the 2027 first-round pick be made for the Jazz team of guards Mike Conley and Jordan Clarkson.

“Conley will be the real prize here, he’s a veteran goalkeeper who can run the team, scoring when he needs to play a role,” Devine wrote. Bonus: The Lakers will be free from the Westbrook experience and get a revamped seat with (Patrick) Beverly and Clarkson leading the attack. It also only costs the Lakers one first player. Teams that are talking to the Lakers for Westbrook have hoped they can force L.A. Abandoning both options available, in 2027 and 2029. The thinking was that the only option was to get and buy the Westbrook contract, the other being for the players the Lakers would get in return.

“The Lakers resisted this idea and with training camp approaching, the Pacers or the Jazz were considering whether facing Westbrook was worth only one of the Lakers’ picks, both of which are considered valuable. If the Lakers hold out, after all, teams could end up with no Any of Los Angeles’ future choices.”

Tony Jones reported from The Athletic on Sept 2 That Utah is involved in business talks about Conley and Clarkson. Both players have been linked to the Lakers, who need more bowlers around superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

The Jazz could take a Westbrook contract if the Lakers attach draft picks

according to The September 7 report from Rick Bucher of Fox Sports, Utah may be willing to take on Westbrook’s contract if Los Angeles throws in a first-round pick or two. Westbrook He got the $47.1 million player option for next season. The Jazz are likely to give up nine times the All-Stars if they get it.

Clarkson and Conley can be perfect friends with James and Davis as they can shoot from the ocean. Clarkson Hitting 190 3 throws in 2021-22while Conley 169.

Westbrook, 33 years old He dug only 79 rounds from the depth of last season. He didn’t fit well alongside James and Davis due to his inability to hit peripheral shots. Future Hall of Fame They shot 29.8% from behind the bowand out of 46 players who have taken at least 1,000 shots, Westbrook is ranked 42nd place in real photography percentage.

Conley, a one-time All-Star, She will make $22.7 million next season. Meanwhile, Clarkson – who started his career with the Lakers – You will earn 13.3 million dollars. Conley He averaged 13.7 points, 3.0 rebounds and 5.3 assists In 2021-22 while filming 40.8% of Beyond the Arch and Clarkson Set 16.0 points, 3.5 rebounds and 2.5 assists For each game while shooting 31.8% of the 3 point range.

NBA Exec: Lakers’ future draft ‘strong’

A Western Conference executive spoke with him Devine He believes the Lakers’ future recruiting choices are “robust.” The CEO suggested two processes Los Angeles could make with Utah that include Westbrook and draft derivatives.

“The Lakers’ picks are the strongest thing in terms of picks in the league right now,” said Devine’s CEO. “Everyone expects them to be top picks, and if you can get rid of them unprotected, everybody wants that. The Lakers want to give away just one and now you have to think, if you’re the Lakers, well, (owner) Beasley, (Bojan) Bogdanovic and Jared Vanderbilt is in one of those picks and Ross? Or, you know, Clarkson or Conley there? You’ll need three of those five, give up Westbrook and deal with just one of the picks. Danny (Ainge) might get more picks if he sells those off individual but he’s not going to get better picks, and that’s the thing the Lakers have.”

according to The August 18 report from Mark Stein of SubstackJames — who signed a two-year extension with purple and gold — confirmed that the Lakers are willing to trade both of their available first-round future picks in 2027 and 2029 to improve the roster.