Lakers rumors: Trade proposal lands Lakers 2-star


Russell Westbrook, Boston Celtics

With the new NBA season still approaching, it seems increasingly unlikely that it will be Los Angeles Lakers He will find a willing business partner for Russell Westbrook.

but, According to David Vertsberger of SNYthere is still a team that can be a willing business partner – New York Knicks.

The Lakers are looking to scrap Russell Westbrook’s salary along with first-round picks to secure a talent promotion, while the Suns are said to want to deliver post-follow-up strength.

New York could pack Randall and Fournier for Westbrook and a concept first, but Los Angeles resisted dealing with both options, especially the unprotected. Knicks would also have caught up first to get rid of Fournier, so expecting so much back in a deal that includes him is foolishness,” Vertsberger wrote on September 8.

In general, the trade will look like this:

The New York Knicks receive:

  • Russell Westbrook
  • Two future first-round picks

Los Angeles Lakers receive:

  • Julius Randle
  • Evan Fournier

With the limited number of shoots currently on the Los Angeles roster, the idea of ​​adding Yvan Fournier – Who shot 38.9% from a depth of 7.7 attempts per game He’d be very attractive for the front desk, while Darvin Hamm might feel he could help Julius Randle rediscover his best form.

Brian Windhurst has low expectations for the current Lakers

As it is currently under construction, the Lakers have arguably the worst three-point backyard in the NBA, with Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverly expecting to share the playing field together in point guard and shooting range positions.

With Westbrook, Beverley, LeBron James and Anthony Davis all expected to be in the team’s starting five line-up, there is real concern about how this Lakers will distribute the floor enough to allow their star players to press the edge.

speaking on The September 7 episode of the NBA today, ESPN’s Brian Windhurst Note how he doesn’t think the Westbrook and Beverley pairing can work – especially for a team that has ambitions of making a deep playoff.

videoThe video regarding the groundbreaking trade proposal sees the Lakers raking in $179 million worth of talent2022-09-09T07:05:00-04:00

“I don’t think the Lakers think this is going to work. I think they say that, and they try to keep a solid upper lip and get the most out of this because they know they don’t have any trade with Russell Westbrook that makes sense for them at the moment. So, they’re going to try to make it work.”

But let’s be honest, we live in an age where you have to shoot in the NBA. When the Lakers won the title two years ago, it was with a shot. All the great LeBron teams in his career have been paying off. You have Westbrook who is one of the worst three-point shooters in the NBA, and Patrick Beverly is coming off the worst three-point shooting year of his career…this duo doesn’t make any sense at the basketball level,” Windhurst said.

Westbrook & Beverley’s bad history could play a role

Another reason the Lakers are tempted to pull the trigger on Vesterberg’s proposed deal is to ensure a modicum of harmony in the locker room – given their lukewarm history, there’s no guarantee Beverley and Westbrook will be able to coherently bring their value together.

When The Lakers originally announced that they had acquired the defensive-minded goalkeeper, Zack Harper athlete He released an article detailing the controversial history among outspoken footballers.

“First of all, putting Beverly and Russell Westbrook on the same team is objectively funny. Westbrook and Beverly have a long history of hating each other. Do you know how much fire there has to be behind this hate to last for years and years, no matter what team you play on? In him and the team the other guy’s on, especially when you only run into each other a few times each season?

Assuming Westbrook is still with the team at the start of the season, we’ll see some awkward interactions between these two on the field, and one’s work won’t align with the other.” Harper Books.

If Hamm and his coaching staff think having Westbrook in the locker room will cause problems, and his ball fitness still looks like he’s trying to install a square peg in a hole punch, there is every reason to believe there is a package containing both Randle and Fournier. It would be tempting enough to see the deal pay off.