Lamar Jackson sets tough deadline for contract talks with extension threat on the horizon during Ravens season

Wednesday saw four days after the Baltimore season opened, and Lamar Jackson still has no new contract.

after previously Which indicates that the first week marks the end From his negotiations, the Ravens quarterback set a tougher deadline while speaking with reporters on Wednesday.

“So far, you know, we’re still talking,” Jackson said. “The week isn’t over yet. But soon. Soon. It might be a deadline. It might be cut off after this week.

“Kickoff, I’m not going to talk about a contract. I’m thinking straight about when to go.”

When pressed about a specific deadline, Jackson said:

“And then this weekend,” Jackson continued. “Friday.”

Jackson is approaching the fifth and final season of his rookie contract after the Ravens exercised a $23 million option for 2022. Without an extension, he’ll be eligible for off-season free agency. In this case, the crows would probably keep the franchise and likely exercise it to prevent it from making it to the open market.

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But the absence of an extension threatens to turn up in the Ravens’ season with the former MVP champion’s long-term future uncertain. Jackson, who does not have an agent, declined to discuss the details of the talks. He kept his streak on Wednesday.

“I have no idea,” Jackson said When asked if he feels closer to a deal than before. “You have to ask the man I’m talking to.”

Will Lamar Jackson start the season without extending his contract? (Joe Camporell/Reuters)

How close are Jackson, Ravens to a deal?

Likewise the crows remained silent. But reports indicate that the two sides are not close.

Mark Muske from The Washington Post reported He accepted Jackson’s statement that “there was pessimism on Tuesday afternoon” about a deal completed this week and that Jackson would likely play the season on his junior contract “except for the last minute shift”.

while, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported That “nothing is imminent in his contract.” According to both reports, the secured money remains a sticking point in negotiations with Deshaun Watson’s contract with the Cleveland Browns.

Brown signed Watson Unprecedented Fully Guaranteed Contract Worth $230 Million After getting him on a deal from the Houston Texans off season. The deal appears to reset the quarterback market, but other notable players have since signed contracts without similar guarantees.

Keeler Murray Signed a $230.5 million extension with the Arizona Cardinals in July with a maximum value that reflects Watson. But the guarantees are a maximum of 160 million dollars. Russell Wilson signed a similar deal With the Denver Broncos in August for $245 million that includes $165 million in guarantees.

It’s not clear how far apart Jackson and Ravens are in the negotiations or whether Jackson is demanding a completely guaranteed deal similar to Watson’s. As the former league’s best player, it makes sense that he would demand a more lucrative deal than Murray’s. Both Jackson and Murray are 25 years old.

Nor is Jackson’s deadline equally clear. It’s artificial, but both sides have expressed their desire for Jackson to focus on football once the season begins. Having an extension in place will make doing this considerably easier.