LaMelo Ball Rework, Anthony Edwards and the 2020 NBA Draft | News, results, highlights, stats and rumours

Tayfun Coskun / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

20. Kenyon Martin Jr. (originally selected 52nd)

Despite standing at 6’6 inches, Kenyon Martin Jr. is already among the most explosive teams in the league. Finishes. The absurd sport and dexterity of knowing when and where to cut helped him significantly outperform his original draft position.

that modified Despite this, his three-point percentage on decent size is what propelled him to the top twenty. If he can push that mark close to 40.0 percent while applying his sport more consistently to the defensive end, Martin could be a player for the long haul.

19. Xavier Tillman Sr. (35 originally selected)

Record efficiency He dropped dramatically during his second season, but Xavier Tillman Sr. put together an encouraging set of numbers in 2021-22.

On the hustle front, it was Fifth in the league in terms of theft percentage (stats usually controlled by goalkeepers) and Top 50 in offensive rebound ratio. for him 3.2 Assists per 75 possessions is another noteworthy addition to this statistical mix.

If he can keep all of that while getting back on track from a three-point range (his percentage there went from 33.8 as a rookie to 20.4 in year two), Tillman has a chance of being one of the biggest unique players in the game.

18- Isaac Okoro (originally the fifth is chosen)

Among the 60 players recruited in 2020, Isaac Okoro is 57 In career the substitute player wins (and only 58 of these players have scored any NBA minutes). This sign is not necessarily a product of Okoro bad As much as it largely disappears from him.

Average Okoro only 11.0 Points for every 75 possessions without completing that many rebounds, passes, steals, or blocks.

But he is still only 21 years old. He’s shown the ability to become a top-level defender, which is a big part of why he was inducted into the top five two years ago. The three-point 35.0 percentile in 2021-22 indicates that he can fill in the other side of the 3D and 3D equation.

17. Jalen Smith (originally chosen tenth)

There is almost no way to rate Galen Smith based on his 56 appearances with the Phoenix Suns. Despite using his top 10 picks for his pick, he played only 9.6 minutes per game for the Suns, and at the start of his second season, Phoenix turned down a team option for his third year (which is exceptionally good). rare move with lottery selection).

After being traded to the Indiana Pacers, though, Smith reminded everyone of the upside he made. Top 20 He was drafted before college and a Top 10 pick in 2020. In his 22 games with the Pacers, Smith averaged 13.4 points, 7.6 rebounds, 1.4 triples and 1.0 blocks in just 24.7 minutes.

It’s dangerous to pass judgment on 22 games, but he showed enough triple and triple potential to threaten the lottery once again.

16. Payton Pritchard (originally picked 26th)

Payton Pritchard probably wouldn’t be a superstar. Because it’s compact (6’1″ in length 6’4.5″ wingspan), he may never be an over-defender either. But there is a lot of value in what he does.

During the two NBA seasons, Pritchard has the top 40 turnover assists (between players with at least 100 assists) and tied for 11th place in a three-point ratio (between players With many attempts at least like him).

Having a reliable builder that can power the second unit is important, but the Pritchard brings the added benefit of being able to save space on the floor when shared with a novice in ball handling.