Larry Costello, Del Harris, and George Carle inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame

Tim Hardaway took the podium and told the story of his early days in the NBA, when fellow Golden State teammates Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullen often asked him the same question.

“They’d ask me, ‘Tim, how cool do you want to be?'” Hardaway said. “

They have their answer. So does everyone else. It is an immortal basketball.

Hardaway, Manu Ginobili, Swain Cash, Bob Huggins, Del Harris, Lindsey Wallen, Marian Stanley, Theresa Shank-Grintz and George Carl gave their speeches as the new members of the Basketball Hall of Fame Saturday night in Springfield, Massachusetts.

“A kid from the East Side of Chicago made his way to Springfield, Massachusetts,” Hardaway said. “Fabulous.”

That was the theme all night long: how an honor that none of the new hall members had imagined had now come their way, each one thanking those who helped them reach the top.