Los Angeles may tempt jazz with selective trade-offs involving Russell Westbrook and Bojan Bogdanovich

The Los Angeles Lakers have found themselves in a tough spot after a year of trading for Russell Westbrook as the 2017 NBA Player of the Year is now likely to return to Los Angeles for another year despite his questionable suitability.

The Lakers have reportedly discussed a potential business deal with Westbrook with several teams over the summer, but have so far failed to find a deal that would significantly improve their roster. Over the past two weeks, a potential deal with the Utah Jazz is thought to have emerged as an interesting option from Los Angeles’s point of view – but it’s still not good enough to cross the line.

The Lakers and the Jazz were widely reported to disagree over how much of the compensation draft should go to Utah to absorb Westbrook’s $47.1 million salary and send key players, such as Bojan Bogdanovic, to Los Angeles. Bleacher Report Jake Fisher He claims that Purple and Gold have considered including a pick swap as well as their first-round 2027 to make the Westbrook deal happen but while the Jazz are flexible when it comes to which players they can transfer, they’re adamant about getting first-round picks:

“In my view, Utah will be open to a different number of structures, and salaries, that cater to Russell Westbrook’s return salary — as long as they get those two options. Again, I didn’t hear the Lakers were willing to put those two options on the board. I’ve heard – no I know if this was shown–but there was at least some kind of courtship or internal meeting on the Lakers’ part to put a choice swap in the deal as well. So it’s a little more than a start; it doesn’t seem like enough, though, on the Utah side of things” .

Fischer adds that any deal with the Jazz would have to include Bogdanovich – who has attracted the interest of several NBA teams – and if the 33-year-old sniper goes elsewhere, that surely means Westbrook will start the 2022-23 season at the Lakers:

“If Utah transfers Bogdanovic to another team, I personally can’t see a Lakers deal, a return from Utah, which makes it worth the second pick that Utah will need. I would like to see that almost like the death knell for any real Russell Westbrook trade happening before the season begins. Because there is a market for Bogdanovic….If the team ends up putting a legitimate first-round pick on the table, adding some other interesting stuff, and matching salary, I think Bogdanovic will move on, probably before the season starts. That’s what I texted out From GM today, that was the timeline he gave me reading it to him. And I mean, Toronto was constantly mentioned there. The Pelicans I’ve heard now are also a team he was with. The Phoenix, as well as the Lakers. There must be more, too, but These are the four teams I’ve heard from several people I know.”

Previous reports claimed New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks Bogdanovic was followed in addition to the teams mentioned above.

The Bosnian would make the perfect signature in the current state of the Lakers. Bogdanovic will add the shot to the list that appears to be lacking in firepower from outside the arc. Also, the striker’s contract expires next year, which means he won’t eat up the Los Angeles hat space – which the franchise wants to keep in hopes of attracting another star player during the 2023 season.

NBA executives think Westbrook will stay in Los Angeles

Given the Lakers’ unwillingness to give up the first-round picks they can currently trade, NBA executives across the league It is understood that Westbrook is likely to start the 2022-23 season with the Lakers.

It is said that Los Angeles wants to bring the playmaker back and try to “make the most” of the roster they currently own.

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