Losing Jamal Adams to another injury is a huge setback for the Seahawks – Seattle Seahawks Blog

RENTON, WA – Early in the second quarter of the Seattle Seahawks’ win in the season opener Monday night, Jamal Adams Shot across the line of scrimmage on an unobstructed path to the Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson. With Adams clinging to his legs and about to drop him for a sack, Wilson rushed into a litter that was hit for incompleteness.

This is what 2022 was supposed to look like for the former All-Pro safety – Seahawks’ new defense finally reignites healthy Adams as the stark menace he used to be.

“I’m back in my element, man,” Adams said a few days before the opener while talking about how Seattle’s layout changes would put him in a position to make plays. “I feel like I’m back to playing defense.”

But rather than predicting Adams’ comeback season, the play likely ended him. After taking off near Wilson, Adams stumbled off the field and was later taken to the locker room with a quadriceps tendon injury expected to sideline him for the rest of 2022.

It’s a huge loss for the Seahawks who depend on their defense and running game, both of whom need the full strength to cover their midfield limitations. It is another devastating blow for Adams, who was rarely hurt early in his career but has now suffered a serious injury in three consecutive years. After missing just two games during his first three seasons with the New York Jets, Adams – assuming he misses the rest of 2022 – will miss 25 of the 50 potential regular season games in his three years with Seattle.

“It means a lot to him and the frustration of having to not be healthy just jumped into it again,” coach Pete Carroll said earlier this week. “He wonders and wonders and all because he wants to be here a lot, he wants to be with guys and he does what we do in every way you might want to do it. So it’s really frustrating for him.”

The Seahawks clearly didn’t get enough revenue from Adams to match the set of shots they gave up to get him (two first round and then some) and the massive contract it took to keep him (for four years, $70) million extension made him the highest security in the league American Football (NFL).

But Adams seemed worthy of the investment during his debut season in Seattle in 2020, when he set an NFL record for defensive backs with 9.5 sacks in 12 games (he missed four with a left shoulder tear). The belief in the organization is that Adams’ disappointing follow-up in 2021 – when he was held without a bag in 12 games before suffering another tear in his left lip – was in large part the result of the extra attention he began to pay him. . The Seattle defensive crew couldn’t figure out how to get him back into useful blitz positions, which resulted in less chances of rushing a pass and more time spent covering.

Seattle’s new defense was expected to solve this problem. Under first year coordinator Clint Hurt, the Seahawks moved to a hybrid front with an increased focus on 3-4 appearances. On the back end, they use more of a split security alignment designed to make Adams and Quander Diggs More interchangeable than a typical robust and free safety. The idea is to make it more difficult for the midfielders to decide who the defenders go where.

“Like 10 picks caught in training camp,” recipient DK Metcalfe He said. “I know people aren’t used to him doing this, but I know I’ve seen it. And he’s very capable of taking shots. He’s coming off the edge, he shoots in the middle he plays at full-back. He’s been all over the field in training camp and I was excited for him to do With that and taking that role this season. He’s kind of derailed, but I think he’ll be back.”

Adams’ nearby sack was that much needed distraction at work. back Jordan Brooks She flew over the gap A before the shot, showing the blitz, but then fell into coverage, as did the outside full Daryl Taylor. Adams, who crept toward the line of scrimmage before the snap, crossed the B gap untouched.

“was shot [running] “Free for the quarterback,” Carroll said. So this will tell you something. So he got a shot right off the bat.”

With Adams out, the Seahawks will likely turn into Josh Jones To start along with Diggs. They have too Ryan Nealwho returned from an ankle injury, and was recently added Tees queue depth of security. Jones, a 2017 second-round pick, finished 2021 with the Seahawks and considered retiring that season before a call from Carroll tempted him to return. He was part of the Three Safety Packs in Seattle, then took over when Adams fell.

“It hurts because the guy is a great footballer,” Hurt said of Adams. “…So, it’s a shot. We don’t have many guys who are like that. But like I said, we have great confidence in Josh and Ryan and their ability. …It’s bad. I hate it for Jamal’s sake. But at the same time, for For these guys, they can take advantage of their opportunity and they’ve shown that they can do it.”

The Seahawks lose more than the best blitzers in Adams. They also lose an emotional leader. This was another reason why they were drawn to him in 2020, thinking they needed to reignite some fire in their locker room. They preferred players with simple personalities, tired of the drama they had to manage from the Legion of Boom days. The shift meant less headache to deal with, but it left their locker room with less of an edge.

With Adams, they took back some of it.

His contract will likely tie him to the Seahawks through at least the 2023 season due to the exorbitant amount of dead money they would incur by moving before then. So Adams should get another chance next season to get him back, as long as he can get rid of the infestation bug that has hit him so hard.

“I know just going into the first half and seeing him hurt, it really hurts us as a team because for someone like this who has had injuries in the past and for another injury, you really have to pray for him and hopefully his sanity is in general.” “But like I told him, man, it’s bigger plans for him in the past this season. He’s going to get over this like he’s overpowering everything else in the past and he’s going to come out as someone stronger.”