Loyalty woman checks NBA player for his girlfriend

Madeline (themadelinereal), TikTok user and entrepreneur, is known for providing a loyalty test service to women who think their significant other might betray them for the sake of $25 a pop.

She has uploaded several videos, which include screenshots of texting several men where she pretends to flirt with them to see if they will try to meet her. She will then send pictures from these conversations to the women they reach out to, letting them know that their man has passed or failed the test.

Madeline revises private information, such as these men’s names along with any other specific data that might lead viewers to know their identities, but a recent clip it uploaded generated interest on TikTok because it says it includes a professional basketball player that, at the time, was set to be in Los Angeles.

His girlfriend wanted to know if he would fall in love with Madeleine’s plot and TikToker posted the results in a video that has garnered more than 186,000 views as of Saturday.

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“Holy basketball guys, I have a crazy one,” Madeline began the clip, before sharing the message from the woman she called.

“This might be interesting to you because he’s a top-level professional athlete and you’re perfect,” the woman wrote in a direct message on Instagram. “He’s in the NBA and plays in [redacted]. The season will start in a few weeks and I wanted to know if he’d agree to meet you when they were in LA.”

Then, Madeline reached out to the NBA player on Instagram, sending him a DM claiming he’s a huge fan of his crush. Surprisingly, she says he sent a message.

“Oh, wow I didn’t think you would respond! Yes I’m in Los Angeles,” “And then he immediately texts me and gives me his number.”

TikToker then said she texted him, but he was suspicious at first.

“He said send a selfie with two fingers up, and I did,” explains Madeline, showing the text screenshots in the background. “You girl said okay we’re in Los Angeles in [redacted] Come and relax after the game.”

After the basketball player invited her to a party after telling her they were “going to have some fun,” Madeline becomes even more attractive. So I said, ‘Yeah, looks sexy, what kind of fun?’ ‘ And he didn’t reply for a while, so I continued with ‘Wait, don’t you have a girl?’ Then he said, ‘She knows things differently when I’m on the road. Be calm it shocked me after the match.”

Knowing she’s got another cheater in the act and got the proof she needs, Madeline shocked the NBA player’s friend, sending her screenshots of the conversation. “She saw how easy it was and it didn’t go well with her, so I finished,” Madeleine concluded. “Wah… I blocked him… he had sex.”

Several TikTokers tried to guess the man in the comments, with some speculating that it was Tristan Thompson, NBA player who dated Khloe Kardashian and allegedly cheated on the reality TV show character.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Tristan Thompson,” one user wrote.

“I can tell you now, a lot of athletes cheat lol!” Another viewer claimed.

Others wondered if there was a man who passed the test, although Madeleine said in the comments to her videos that some have.

“Seeing these failed tests makes me so sad,” added one TikToker user.

Some viewers claimed that they desperately started researching the recent NBA breakup on the internet in order to ascertain which player it could be. Some have said that the player’s girlfriend is likely to stay with him regardless of his cheating and that he will likely continue his cheating ways.

“Not I’m looking for recent hacks on Google,” said one viewer.

Another argued: “And you will not leave either …”.

“Ah, sister should have known… The third one claimed that she really didn’t need to communicate with you hahaha.”

One TikToker said in the comments that if they find out that their loyalty has been tested by their significant others, they will likely break up with them.

They said, “For men who have been through, did it cause a breakup because I would end the relationship if I auditioned.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Madeline on Instagram via DM for more feedback.

*First published: September 10, 2022, 12:03 PM CST

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