Mad Luka Doncic looks unstoppable in Slovenia’s European Basketball Championship win over Germany

Cologne, Germany – Welcome to EuroBasket, Double-Mad Luka Doncic

The more determined, unstoppable, and win-win version of the Mavericks star reappeared at the Lanxis Arena on Tuesday in Slovenia’s 88-80 win over undefeated hosts Germany.

He scored 36 points, 10 rebounds and four assists in 34 minutes, his best performance since then Last Spring’s Dallas Conference Finals Round.

Do not doubt to bite Two losses for the national team in the past nine days Exactly the same number of defeats Slovenia suffered in Doncic’s first four years in the first team – Doncic’s thoughts faded throughout the holiday.

With a troubled mindset and a desire to get to the paint at full capacity, the 23-year-old did everything in his power to push Slovenia one win (Wednesday against Olympic sprinter France) from a first-place finish in Group B. Seeds in the knockout rounds.

“My teammates pushed me,” Doncic said in his first official interview with the tournament. “I haven’t had a good game since I was here, so my teammates helped me a lot. It was a really big game for us, but the whole team put in a great performance, like I said. That’s how we have to play, to be aggressive.”

In the past nine days, Germany has committed two of the most terrible sins against Doncic’s opponent.

They beat Slovenia by 19 points on August 28 in Doncic’s third loss of five years with the national team. And through no fault of their own, Germany faced Doncic two nights after Slovenia suffered a major loss in Sunday’s European Basketball Championship to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Double Braid Mad Doncic.

After sharing the backcourt with joint goalkeeper Alexei Nikolic, who started most of the offensive possessions early in this tournament, Doncic took on the tasks of handling the base ball, dribbling on the field and screaming into play – and on officials.

He shrugged his shoulders at Germany’s top players and swirled around them for a throw-the-ball outing that was much more effective than his zero-for-8, three-point shot on Sunday against Bosnia.

Doncic fired 14 of 25 from the ground (54%), took advantage of the whistles he drew in the paint (6 of 9 from the foul streak) and pounced on big bounces against the NBA-filled German stadium.

He crosses and confuses defenders with choppy steps, hesitating dribbling and sly turns in the lane, bowing, smiling and nodding when he wins.

He hit a layup over his head in the first half, fell on his back and pumped his fist at the end whistle and a 1, hitting a step back three with about four minutes left to extend Slovenia’s lead to double digits.

German point guard and NBA agent Dennis Schroeder put in another consistent performance: 17 points and 10 assists, perhaps knowing that the Mavericks are considering signing another ball player at the bottom of the open roster, this general manager Nico Harrison and coach Jason Kidd and most of them Sure enough, the Mavericks will watch the game tape, If he doesn’t live toowhile tracking Doncic back in Dallas.

But with a big block late on the smaller Schroeder, Doncic proved that even a potential future teammate was immune to his bully ball style with a goal-line victory.

“she was [a] Doncic said. “It’s really difficult to play against Germany in Germany with 18,100 players.”

Many fans in the arena probably found the night difficult as well.

As Dirk Nowitzki of Wurzburg became synonymous with the Mavericks from 1998-2019, Dallas became the de facto German NBA team. Thousands here at the 2011 Mavericks, for example, cheered the same strong support from Nowitzki as at the Metroplex.

On Tuesday, some fans dressed up as Germany’s national team while sitting with others dressed as Nowitzki or Donsek Mavericks. Nowitzki national team jersey, Which FIBA ​​retired at the ceremony to start EuroBaskethanging on the rafters above the bench in Slovenia.

How to draw the line between national pride and pursuit of the NBA?

Doncic, at least, made it easier for hundreds of Slovenes in the ring to drown out the home crowd’s hype when he walked out in the final seconds to a standing ovation.

“Everyone was playing amazing, fighting for every possession,” Doncic said. “Luka Doncic did not happen. Slovenia happened.”

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