Manu Ginobili vs Tim Hardaway: Signature Moves Battle

Killer Crossover and Europstep are some of the best featured moves ever. Tim Hardaway perfected the crossover during his time with RUN TMC Warriors. While Manu Ginobili has dominated the teams for years with Eurostep in San Antonio. With the two former stars inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday, the crossover crew is debating which player has the best movement on the court and which player has the best signature move in the game at the moment.

Eurostep or Killer Crossover: Who Has the Better Signature Move?

John Gonzalez: This is a tough draw for Manu. I love Manu (and especially love how long he held onto the rest of his hair). But while eurostep is amazing and has been embraced by players all over the world, I’m not sure Manu is the first person I think of when someone mentions this particular move. There were better practitioners of this art. On the other hand, Hardaway didn’t just have a good crossover or a great crossover he had the killer Crossing. This one goes to Hardaway and I’m not sure it’s particularly close.