Marcus Smart hasn’t spoken to Jaylen Brown about the trade rumors, but said he handled it “fantastically”.


He walks around with a smile on his face.

Marcus Smart and Jaylene Brown are set to enter their seventh season together as teammates. Photo by Elsa / Getty Images

Jaylen Brown’s name has been in the news quite often off season not because of his play that helped the Celtics reach the NBA Finals, but because he was offered a deal for Nets star Kevin Durant.

Now that Durant has canceled his commercial application, the focus has shifted to Brown on whether the rumors have affected him in any way. Brown has not commented publicly on it. But some of his teammates did.

Celtics point guard Marcus Smart CLNS Media’s Bobby Manning said That Brown didn’t seem bothered by the possibility of a trade when the two trained in Los Angeles in mid-August.

“[Brown’s] You handled him nicely, “Smart He said. “He walks around with a smile on his face. We actually didn’t even mention it when we were together. We were just talking about next season and preparing, but it’s great. He handles it as professionally as possible and my advice is, for anyone, don’t forget it’s business first. When you’re in business. Personal things have to go out the window and that can’t be the problem, so you can’t look at it that way.”

Like Brown, Smart has also been involved in reported business talks between the Celtics and Nets, with Brooklyn wanting Defensive Player of the Year as part of the Durant deal. Smart has also been no stranger to dealing with trade rumors in the past, with Celtics reportedly discussing trading during trade deadlines.

Smart thinks Brown shouldn’t feel bad about any trade rumors he’s been involved in.

“If your name is there in business conversations, I look at it as a compliment. It means the teams want you. That’s a good thing,” Smart said. “The problem is if your name isn’t. [in rumors]Nobody wants you. That’s the way I look at it, and that’s the way people have to look at it. It’s hard, I understand, but just because it happens, you never know. Anything can happen.”

Smart is the latest Celtics member to get involved. Brad Stevens, Celtics Head of Basketball Operations, said: He was in contact with Brown When rumors surfaced, she even met him in Los Angeles in August.

“Jaylen has been through this from a listening standpoint and the noise has been around him for a long time, big names over the years,” Stevens told WEEI. “Merloni, Fauria and Mego” in August. “You have to be able to ignore the noise and know what’s important but also be able to communicate and have frank and transparent communication with the people involved. So yeah, we got those, we kept ourselves very open from the start because all of this was happening to any of our guys” .

Celtics striker Grant Williams had a similar idea to what Smart did about the trade rumors, that it would be nice to have you discussed as the key piece in the “Top 10 Players” deal.

Williams: ‘It also shows how valuable he is’ said in August.

Williams also believes Brown will still be playing well when the new season begins in October.

“I think he’ll come in and handle it better – treat it like a competitive mindset,” Williams said. “If it doesn’t work out – I don’t know if it does or not, I’m not involved in those processes – I think he’ll come back with a chip on his shoulder. And I’d love that. I know how JB responds. He’s going to be very, very safe – safe for himself and what he’s going to be” .

As for Brown, he tweeted “allowed” When the rumor was first reported in late July. However, an NBA executive reportedly thinks Brown is too “all in” in Boston.