Matt Eberfels shot the so-called patriotic experts

Matt Eberfluss Not the kind of guy who acts overly emotional towards outside criticism. That comes from 30 years of football coaching at this point. There will always be people who think you will fail, whether things go well or not. He knew what the expectations were Chicago Bears When he took office in January. The man is not naive. You don’t inherit a 6-11 soccer team, flip over half the roster, and expect optimism from the national media.

However, one would think that bears might at least command some respect. It’s not like they’re completely devoid of talent. Their defense still has a strong core of talent led by Robert Quinn, Roquan Smith and Jaylon Johnson. Offensively, Darnell Mooney had more than 1,000 yards last year. David Montgomery exceeded 1,000 gross yards in each of his first three years. The Cole Quit 600 also cracked. Justin Fields is still very talented and much more experienced now.

No one is saying it’s a strength, but some of the standard forecasts seem very pessimistic.

Today’s USA makes them go 3-14. Even ESPN had a 2-15 and a #1 overall pick. That means they basically think these Bears are on par with the 2016 team that went 3-13. When comparing both lists, it doesn’t seem fair. Bears reporters asked Eberlus about his team’s bleak expectations and what he thinks of him. The coach seemed to feel a little rough but he kept a smile on his face. His response was not lacking in poison.

Eberflus is not wrong. Last year was an excellent example. ESPN Analytics expert Seth Walderman proudly simulated an entire schedule ahead of the 2021 season. His clear predictions had the Jacksonville Jaguars go 9-8, the Cleveland Browns go 12-5, and the Arizona Cardinals go 6-11. These three teams finished 3-14, 8-9 and 11-6, respectively. So yeah. Nobody knows anything about what will actually happen.

Matt Eberflus has quiet confidence in his team.

There are several reasons for this. Unlike many, he believes that the talent on the list is better than what is attributed to him. They have fast athletes in almost every position. This often leads to positive results in the field. Most importantly, the team has an identity. Men have embraced the new culture of HITS. Everyone is committed to hype, intensity, fast food, and smarts. This was reflected in their strong pre-season showing.

Bears won’t win every game. However, Matt Eberflus thinks they will be competitive in most of them. Many of them can quickly turn in your favor when the team keeps games close with some lucky bounces. More than anything, the coach trusts conditioning and preparation. Guys went to hell in a training camp to get ready for the season.

The games would be country club trips in comparison.

The experts may end up being right. The Bears could collapse to the worst record in the NFL. Eberflus does not think this will happen. He believes in the character of his players and coaches. More than anything else, he believes in himself. He has been ready for this moment for a long time. National expectations will not deter him from his mission. If anything, they’re just fanning his flames.

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