Maxi Clipper Mavericks Will Sign Three-Year Contract Extension Worth $33 Million Per Report

maxi clipper and Dallas Mavericks Approaching an agreement to extend a three-year contract worth $33 million, According to Shams Al Shaaraniyah. This would keep the big man under contract until the end of the 2025-26 season.

In his five years with Dallas, Clipper had become an important part of the Mavericks’ rotation. They asked him to protect Kawhi Leonard in the playoffs, and last season, he let them play a 5-out offense after trading Kristaps Porzingis. Kleber turns 31 in January.

At $11 million a season, the Kleber is a bargain. Every team needs interchangeable defenders who can make room on the ground, and there aren’t many who can play in the middle. Kleber is the kind of role player who can swing the playoffs – in April he got hot in Game 2 of the first round and broke Utah Jazz defense:

Clipper scored 25 points in an 8-for-11 shot, all from a 3-point range, in a 110-104 win. In the next game, he scored 17 points in a 6-for-7, 4-for-5 shot from depth, helping the Mavs to a 2-1 lead in the series without superstar Luka Doncic.

This is the best version of Kleber. If he did this kind of thing all the time, his salary of $11 million a year would be ridiculous. Clipper scored a total of 10 points and shot a 2-for-10 from a 3-point range in the next three games against Utah, then dropped 19 in the opening game against Phoenix Suns5 vs 8 shooting from depth. He was crucial to the Suns series, helping Dallas create a major upset, but then struggled offensively against Golden State Warriors in the conference finals. It wasn’t just that he fired 5 for 19 from a 3-point range; It was that, having caught a cold, he turned down a few open glances.

Ideally, this experience would be explained to Kleber. If it wasn’t already obvious, the playoffs showed that the Mavs are at their best when they have four bowlers space the Doncic floor. When the clipper is open to the ocean, he needs to shoot without hesitation. Dallas certainly thinks his 32.5 percent mark in the 2021-22 regular season is less representative of his ability than the 41 percent mark the year before.

For the Mavs, keeping Kleber on a team friendly deal gives them options. Their front yard rotation is crowded now that Christian Wood and Gaval McGee are in the mix, and their roster is filled with strong players with good contracts. (They were supposed to offer Galen Bronson a three-year, $56 million extension a year ago, but they at least managed to convince Dorian Finney-Smith to sign one.) In the short term, Jason Kidd’s coaching staff could try different formations; In the medium term, the front office, led by Nico Harrison, can group players and select commercial bids. Dallas doesn’t have a co-star with Doncic yet, but he does have several sub-stars, including Kleber, who compliment him.