Montrezl Harrell is good, but signing him means we have to talk to Doc Rivers more

The Sixers Montrezel Harrell signature. It is very good. It really is. He’s a guy drafted by Daryl Morey in Houston and later traded to the Clippers in a Chris Paul deal.

He’s also Doc Rivers’ badly overrated man and cost the Los Angeles team a potential championship in the bubble.

The point of things like this is not to suggest that Harel can’t help a team. That if he couldn’t, his coach wouldn’t notice or try something else.

But it’s hard to just talk about Trez – again, an absolutely amazing talent – for such low late prices at the free dealership.

Because the Sixers still have an important training problem. This signature simply highlights that problem.

Rivers has had this insane flaw locking in one of the reserve warriors he trusts and this guy plays all regular season when it works out, and seems to help the team pull off some extra wins, which ultimately carry important weight. arrangement.

But the opportunity cost is that he then fails to tamper with the squads that have a better chance of success in the playoffs, and it costs his team’s chances of ramping up promising young players (see Shay Gilgos Alexander, Terence Mann, or Paul Reed).

His need for a big, trustworthy backing could limit his second best as well, with Ben Simmons, James Harden or Therese Maxi playing in several formations with Dwight Howard or Andre Jordan.

So the disadvantage is that Doc doesn’t do the experiment once he’s done it his leg. Things like more line-ups, quintuples, all bowlers, or a little ball. He didn’t feel the need to see Danny Green playing alongside Matisse Thiebol very often even when the defense struggled hard. He doesn’t mess around enough to find ways to unlock stuttering players like when he needs more Simmons or Harden. Fans begged Doc to arrange Ben’s minutes with Dwight, then Joel, and eventually beg him to arrange more Embiid minutes with Harden and Maxey to get them to go through the slack, but without much washing on the floor at the same time.

But the need for a pencil in a vet trusting the lineup has made many of those needs take a second seat. How can I make Ben go when Joel is sitting if I have to play Dwight Howard no matter what happens at the same time!? The natural solution is for Dwight and Ben to play together for four months!

As if Ben and Dwight weren’t enough, he didn’t feel the need to step up Red the following year once Andre Drummond arrived in town. He didn’t need to see Red even after Drummond was gone and he was just Deandre Jordan there! He publicly criticized the suggestion to play Reed more when asked late in the year, explaining how defensive he could be.

We’re talking about some nasty comedic mistakes that no NBA 2K player would make, and now the Sixers make them every year. And that hurts them in the playoffs, now annually. If it happens again, we can’t continue to blame the coach who showed us all his cards.

It’s totally full circle that Trez is here, because Doc wouldn’t be in Philly if he hadn’t trained Trez a few years ago.

Kyle Newbeck of PhillyVoice once thought that Sixers Dwight could be brought back as long as they put in place checks and balances to reduce Doc’s dependence on him.

Obviously, we haven’t evolved much since then.

So we are back here again.

Here’s what I wrote when the team signed DeAndre Jordan last winter:

So we fans shouldn’t be completely ignored when we say things like ‘Let’s at least see what Player X looks like before we decide to award all the reserves. DeAndre”. If the Sixers are willing to experiment and the DJ wins, that’s great. As long as it is merit and not senile government, we all win.

When the glass is half full, that’s a no-brainer, another signature at a low opportunity cost, and DJ personalities to offer much more than Cauley-Stein, especially if Harden himself supported the decision. When the cup is half empty, Doc will overplay his man instead of trying viable match formations, and is expected to flare up in a couple of months….”

The double-edged sword here is that Harel is better than Jordan. He might be better than Howard or Drummond, too. we will see. This is the good news. The bad news is that it can take away things fans really want to see like Harden or Maxey and four shooters when Embiid, PJ Tucker sits in the five, or Paul Reed and Charles Bassey get real chances, not to mention any wing they could just add instead .

So since Trez is so good, maybe this will work. He has extremely long arms, can counter shots, and represents the best Loeb threat the team has faced since he was replaced by Harden. It raises the floor and may help them escape from the regular season grinding less harsh. And maybe there will be a deal coming up that will make more sense. Or maybe Doc will completely change his ways and frantically incorporate more modern looks that Steve Kerr, Jason Kidd, Amy Udoka, Taylor Jenkins, or more recently, Tyrone Liu, have succeeded in, who knows?

But sadly, we can’t talk much about Trez without wondering how much control the roster Doc still has, or if that wouldn’t be quite a great signing if they had a more adaptive head coach. Doc had a Hall of Fame career, but over the past half-decade or more he’s had one critical flaw. And players like Harrell (and Harrell in particular) bring this bug when he can’t let go of them no matter the match.