Mystery Why is Kemba Walker still with the Detroit Pistons unsolved?

Three weeks before the start of boot camp, Kemba Walker still a member of Detroit Pistons, although the acquisition was reported months ago. The reason why all four stars are staying here may come as a surprise.

One of the Pistons’ greatest off-season secrets…why Kimba Walker Still with the pistons?
Everything looked very lumpy and dry. The Knicks traded Walker and his $9 million salary to the Pistons as part of the trade that got Detroit in the draft to take Galen Doreen. It was a pure pay off, and the Knicks were looking to clear the way to sign Jalen Bronson as a free agent.
What did the Pistons want from Walker? nothing. A 6-foot-2, 32-year-old guard with bad knees wasn’t part of general manager Troy Weaver’s plan.
So, the obvious solution:

You will buy Detroit from Walker and he can go anywhere he wants. as part of second trade with nicks, The Pistons received $6 million, the amount they assumed he would pay to buy Walker.
It seemed simple – until it wasn’t.

The “Woj bomb” related to the acquisition occurred on June 30, roughly two and a half months ago. However, Walker is still on a bloated list (two over the season limit) and his full salary is applied to the Pistons’ salary cap.

The reason why Kimba Walker continues with the Detroit Pistons

Remember John Wall’s stand with the Houston Rockets last season. Despite the slight difference, there are some similarities between what happened to him and Detroit with Walker.

The rebuilding team, Houston wasn’t interested in playing Wall, but at a whopping $38 million salary, it was non-negotiable. So, Wall sat at home and got his paycheck.

Detroit, like Houston, has no desire to play Walker. They have a lot of promising young goalkeepers who want to give them time to play. Their veteran bodyguards, such as Rodney McGruder and Corey Joseph, know their roles.

The difference is the salary. The Pistons thought in the acquisition that they would simply cut the minimum salary for a league veteran, what another team Walker would have to pay, and make up the difference between that and the $9 million he was supposed to get.

It will save the Pistons a few million on the maximum salary, and Walker gets his money easy.

So it wasn’t

Why Kimba Walker might be with the Detroit Pistons for a minute

James L. Edwards the athlete (paid subscription required) In a recent article, he said, he was taking “an educated hunch” about Walker’s situation.

Basically, if Walker doesn’t have a team to go to, nobody pays the difference between the $2.9 million buyout and the $9 million he’s supposed to get for the season. Detroit is in trouble for the full sum if Walker stays, and he’s not moving anywhere at the moment.

The difference is that Wall was making $36 million last year, while Walker could be signed to the bare minimum of vets. There have been rumors of Walker returning to Charlotte or Phoenix and he is interested but, so far, nothing.

If training camp starts and the situation remains the same, general manager Troy Weaver and coach Duane Casey will face a dilemma.

  • Do you attend a four-star all-star, just to keep fit.
  • Do you play it in pre-season hoping to spark interest?
  • Or just do John’s wall, tell Walker to stay home and we’ll send you a verification email.

Kimba Walker with the Detroit Pistons is still not a “situation”. But, if he’s still on the list in a few weeks, when the boot camp starts, that would be an unwelcome development for both sides.