NBA legend Dennis Rodman was forced to use an ancient technique only because of the FBI: “It’s not magic honey!”

Dennis Rodman is one of the most memorable figures in NBA history. While he will always be remembered for his heroic performances on hardwood in the NBA as a rebounding force, his off-court antics have been widely dated.

Rodman brought an enormous level of intensity to the court every time he stomped. It was all about his work and made it a priority to excel in his role every night. Therefore, whichever team he joined had a decisive role in their success. off the field, worm She was a somewhat divisive but colorful personality. It has spawned countless moments that seem too weird to be true. However, that is the essence of Rodman, a unique personality on and off the field.


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Another indication that he is one of the most intriguing figures in NBA history is that he carries five phones with him. Oddly enough, these are all old fashioned phones.

A while ago, Rodman appeared for a while an interview In the life of Houston. There he was talking about how his life was simpler during the ’90s. Back then, he could handle whatever he did. Having said that, like a magician pulling a rabbit out of his hat, the Chicago Bulls The legend pulled two phones in each hand.

Even the host was baffled, calling it a magic trick considering how smoothly he pulled out his phones. “It’s not a magic trick, my dear.” Rodman said. When asked why he has two phones, the five-time NBA champion revealed that he actually has five in total. Once again, this raised the question of why someone would have five foldable phones.

After that, Rodman revealed the strange reason for this unique habit.

Dennis Rodman talks about why he has five foldable phones

Dennis Rodman brought up an incredible reason to own five foldable phones. To be clear, he does not carry foldable phones as he is afraid of modern technology. On the contrary, he does it to evade the FBI. In fact, Rodman revealed that the FBI is tracking his phone because they believe he is in contact with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

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“The reason I get these foldable phones is because the FBI is checking my phone.” The NBA legend said. “Because they think Kim Jong-un calls me every day.”

When the hosts heard this, they were surprised, calling it surreal and wonderful. When asked if the North Korean leader is actually calling him, he replied in the negative.


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Nothing has made Rodman more famous in his post-NBA career than his supposed connections to North Korea. The Hall of Famer has traveled to North Korea on multiple occasions. In fact, he first visited the reclusive country in 2013 for a basketball fair, when he became a close friend of Kim Jong Un. The Worm even declared Kim a “friend for life” and stated that it doesn’t look like the way he is generally portrayed in the media.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, right, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, second from left, watch an exhibition basketball match between American and North Korean players at Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on January 8, 2014, with wife Kim Ri Sol Ju sitting next to Kim.
Kyodo News via Getty Images

Regardless of what it all sounds like, it’s absolutely true. As a matter of fact, as Rodman mentioned, their alleged friendship is a concern of federal agencies.


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