NBA preview: Six major games on the 2022-23 schedule at Minnesota Timberwolves

The Minnesota Timberwolves Ready for the 2022-23 NBA season. They released their schedule on August 17th, which includes two major road trips and home booths that will surely bring fans in this season!

return of the wolves

After a decade, and some, of more consistent descents from basketball than the Wolves, their current roster is expected to return the win to Minnesota on a consistent and enduring basis. The team showed us a glimpse of this potential in last season’s series against Memphis Grizzliesbut they ultimately failed in a way that revealed where they needed to improve and set up an aggressive offseason game.

Wolves are not only expecting to play in front of an out-of-stock crowd this season, but they are also ready to play 16 nationally televised matches this season. The surge in televised games comes after popular circulation Rudy Gobert and the appearance of third-year goalkeeper Anthony Edwards.

With little room for failure, in a Western conference now marked by health Denver Nuggets And the Los Angeles Clippers Teams, the Timberwolves have a long way to go to reach, and even surpass, the No. 7 seed since last year.

Let’s take a look at five important games featured in this season’s schedule.

1) Game 6 vs. Los Angeles Lakers

The first major game comes in the sixth game of the season. With Minnesota folk hero Patrick Beverly returning to a building he loves so much, the Los Angeles Lakers will give Wolves a good chance of being measured.

Violet and Gold come out of a rare year in which now-healthy forwards LeBron James and Anthony Davis were drowned out, as well as training distractions. This game also comes after playing teams like Oklahoma City ThunderAnd the Utah JazzAnd the San Antonio Spurscomes before Phoenix Suns And the Milwaukee Bucksso this is a big game, in terms of the next extension after it.

Last season, the Timberwolves didn’t have a chance to play with the Lakers fully intact throughout the regular season, and this year they have a chance to make a statement. The duo of James and Davis will face off in All Star Court in Minnesota, and this will serve as the first legitimate test for Joubert and Karl-Anthony Towns. We have a chance to see how versatile Joubert 5 faces up in AD, as well as how smaller five-player formations might choose to attack Towns on the defensive end as well.

Not only is this a chance to make a statement, it’s an opportunity to support the trash talk that came from Wolves in last season’s games as well. Understandably, there is no Bat Beef, but this is still expected to be a legitimate test before playing against the top of the NBA soon after.

Minnesota has a chance to really set the tone with this game, and also see what other things they need to improve as well.

Next, we take a look at a team from the Southwest Division.

2) Game 13 against the Memphis Grizzlies

If the way last season ended has made you emotional, there’s a chance the Timberwolves will win hearts back again, on national television, in Memphis, Tennessee.

The thirteenth game of the season features Ja Morant and the Grizzlies. At this point, as a Wolves fan, there’s no way you’d fall in love with Memphis (no matter how much you love Tyus Jones), especially after they danced to the logo at Target Center in last season’s series.

With that said, Wolves hosted them all last season and in the playoffs. Yes, Minnesota lost the lead. Yes, they missed the series, but Chris Finch’s group led over 65% of the series’ minutes and you should look to build on that. But this was last season, and the Wolves have some firepower that could prevent Brandon Clarke and Garen Jackson Jr. from dominating the boards.

The Grizzlies and the Wolves finished splitting last season’s games 2-2 last season and we all know what happened in the playoffs. This is an opportunity for revenge, especially early in the season, and like the Laker game, we can see if new acquisitions allow us to fix the rebound issue against the Grizzlies.

Not only is this a chance to shine, but this is also Kyle Anderson’s return to his old squad as well!

The next game features Northwest Division rivalry.

3) Game 38 vs Denver Nuggets

Unlike any other year, this game will feature 3 of the top 5 NBA positions. Nikola Jokic, Rudi Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns are set to face off in a mid-season battle in Denver.

Last season, it was a fight to the finish between the Nuggets and Wolves, as they battled for the sixth and seventh seed in a very deep Western Conference. Not only is this senior rivalry so key to the rankings, the Nuggets will now return Jamal Murray to their lineup.

Wolves actually won the series 3-1 last season, but are down 85-52 overall in the head-to-head series. In an effort to reduce this shortfall, Minnesota will seek to alter narratives as it heads to Denver.

Not only does this match feature firepower in all positions, but depth on both seats, bucket gear is everywhere.

The acquisitions Denver gained during the off-season have allowed them to come back stronger in their wing positions, as they now have Bruce Brown Jr., a great defender and a small 5 ball, and Quintavius ​​Caldwell Pope, who is a solid shooter and defensive choice in the periphery.

Being able to win this match, and the rest of the showdowns against the Nuggets would allow the Timberwolves to position themselves well in the Western Conference, as we saw how interchangeable the two were in last year’s race. They’re in an excellent position to do so, with Minnesota holding Denver not once, not twice, but three times when the Nuggets are on the second night of a straight set.

As we get closer to second-to-last, the next game features the defending champions.

4) Game 63 vs. Golden State Warriors

With the Timberwolves approaching the end of the regular season, they embark on their first visit to the Chase Center to play with the reigning Golden State Warriors. This game also now features one-time NBA champion and former Wolff, Andrew Wiggins.

Depending on where the wolves are in the rankings in February, this could be a very significant game, as the Warriors will definitely be on the way to Minnesota near the top of the rankings. If that’s the case, we’re in for a qualifier-like atmosphere on ESPN.

Last season, everyone counted the Warriors, so who knows; Perhaps this could be a glimpse into the Western Conference playoff game.

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With that being said, Warriors lost Otto Porter Jr. and Gary Payton second last season, so they will need to replace one of their top three shooters and top three defenders. That makes a difference as it relates to Steve Curry’s games, but on the offensive end, if Curry is able to hold the Warriors as he did last season, the tension will be high for Wolves on the Ocean.

This game will not only be able to show the wolves where they stand, but also the necessary adjustments that they must make before the start of the season.

The last game will surely see a strong audience.

5) Game 67 vs. Philadelphia 76ers

This season-ending battle against James Harden and Philadelphia 76ers will be one of the best matches of the season, if anything like Last year’s match in Philly. Not only is this tilt against Harden and Joel Embiid, but it’s also TNT at Target Center.

In the final between A couple of bands known to get rid ofwolves will take the floor in another game under the top five titles.

Last season, the Philadelphia Wolves played a game where KAT missed, went up the DLO and took the win for the Wolves, including several threaded shots or lightning shots. The expectation for this showdown will be high, as Minnesota will now have time to prepare for Harden and Embiid, so last year’s showdown at Target Center won’t happen again.

Both teams look like underdogs in their respective conferences when it comes to championship contenders, as the media have already announced some form of “this team is one piece away” or “no Harden or Towns can lead a team” this off-season.

We will enter uncharted territory where every match for the Wolves will prove crucial to their suit of standings. There will be no time to play, especially with the main teams in both conferences looking to be healthy and ready to give their all in hopes of competing next spring.

With Russell, Edwards, Towns, Gobert and McDaniels all set to hold a legitimate playoff with no clear ceiling to stop them, these six games will be key to determining how the league will envision them, and how well the team thinks they can. he goes.