NBA star Bradley Beal on Frances Tiafoe: ‘He’s a magnet for a lot of people’ | ATP . round

When Francis Tiafoe He made his professional debut when Washington Wizards general manager Tommy Shephard invited him into the NBA team’s locker room after the game. Tiafoe introduced himself to many of the players in the room, including star Bradley Beal, who is now a three-time NBA star.

“I have always followed up with him since then and have been delighted with his success and he continues to be involved in matches and to show his support,” Bale told “It’s kind of crazy to see the success he’s had and to see his journey and being a young man from the capital, that’s even [made it] Much larger.”

Bill tried to show his support for Tiafoe in that US Openwhere he was traveling back and forth from Washington to New York as he prepared for his season to watch Tiafoe compete in the US Open. The 29-year-old watched his friend beat the winner 22 times Rafael Nadal And the ninth seed Andrey Rublev.

“That’s just kind of what DC is like. Athletes are from DC, we have that special relationship with each other. We always communicate with each other and check in. We support each other. We understand that this is a real sports city and so we try to support each other’s teams and each other’s endeavors.” Some whether it’s on or off the field or on the field or whatever we’re doing,” Bell said. “He always shows love. It’s no different. He’s always been great in that regard. He’s always shown me love for what we’ve done and always shown his support, so that’s kind of what I give him back.”

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The cameras caught Beal getting out of his chair after big points in support of Tiafoe as he makes his first Grand Slam semi-final match. He appreciated the energy the 22nd seed brought to the court, which earned Tiafoe the full support of the New York crowd.

“He is hungry. I think people are drawn to him because of his passion. It is true love and just his true personality,” Bell said. “He always has a smile on his face, he is always positive. He is always encouraging. This is always someone you want to surround yourself with. It is a kind of magnet for many people.

“And then his play, he plays with such grace and passion and everyone is nourished by that. He’s fun for the audience in many ways. People love watching him play. He’s energetic. I love the fact that he’s always focused. He enjoys it and I think that’s the most important thing.”

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During Tiafoe’s match against Rublev, Beal wore a T-shirt that read “Why Not?” , which is similar to a rubber bracelet wearing a “Big Foe” that reads “Why Not Me?” They share the same mindset and Bill has enjoyed seeing his friend’s hard work pay off in person.

“Especially being a professional athlete, I have a lot of respect for all the athletes and what they do, but to be able to see him up close and in person, it’s a different game. Being able to see him in his element and see him in his territory is very similar. We have those same moments in Our game, in our sport too.” “But to acknowledge that and to be able to see it in a different world, there is nothing quite like it. You can do nothing but respect and support her.”

In the biggest stages, some athletes are so locked up that they don’t fully enjoy the atmosphere. Not only does Tiafoe do that – he embraces it and uses it to his advantage, riding the support of fans in many matches. Beal loved seeing Tiafoe’s focus and having fun at the same time.

“It’s definitely encouraging, definitely motivating in so many ways to be able to see that. It just motivates me to keep working hard, keep pushing and keep getting better,” Bell said. “

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Bale watched tennis on television, but Tiafoe’s victory over Nadal was his first live experience. He plans to watch more matches in person as he moves forward, as he has gained more appreciation for the sport.

“The severity of it [has stood out]. It’s a whole new ball game. The way these athletes are and you have to be in them, you have to basically be prepared to play one-on-one for five hours. This is a mental game in many ways. It’s a physical hit, but with a mental game [within] Bill said. “It’s typical. It’s definitely a sight to be seen as a professional. Getting it through a different lens was great.”

Bill will make it to Arthur Ashe Will the stadium on Friday continue to support Tiafoe as he tries to make his first Grand Slam final? The basketball star is happy to do anything in his power to support his friend.

“Everyone said I have no choice now!” Bill said, laughing. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw me at the match.”