NFL 2022 Predictions: What Experts Expect for the 49ers . Season

The first week of the 2022 NFL season is here, which means it’s time to see how the experts think the 49ers will shine this season.

San Francisco will kick off the season with one of the league’s most talented rosters, though the question mark as first-year quarterback Trey Lance under quarterback looms somewhat.

Here is a roundup of the 49ers season predictions: Analysts

The 49ers selected to win the NFC West Voices from seven analysts, in second place behind the Los Angeles Rams, who received 18 votes to win the division. Analysts who have predicted San Francisco will win the title are Ali Bhanburi, Brooke, Cersussimo, Jeffrey Chadeha, Eric Edholm, Gennaro Philis, Steve Mariucci and Jim Trotter.

Average votes from the committee tied the 49ers as the second wild card team in the NFC behind the Dallas Cowboys and ahead of the New Orleans Saints.

Edholm and Mariucci both predicted the Buffalo Bills to win Super Bowl LVII over the 49ers.

  • Offensive Player of the Year: Debo Samuel (1 out of 24 votes)

Mariucci made the only vote for Samuel as an OPOY, behind Justin Jefferson of the Minnesota Vikings (7 votes), Jonathan Taylor of the Indianapolis Colts (4 votes), Ja’Marr Chase of the Cincinnatti Bengals (3 votes), Davante Adams of the Las Vegas Raiders (2 votes) , Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens (2 votes) and tied with Derek Henry of the Tennessee Titans, Galen Hurts of the Philadelphia Eagles and Christian McCaffrey of the Carolina Panthers.

  • Defensive Player of the Year: Nick Bossa (3 votes out of a total of 25)

Cersosimo, Edholm and Trotter all cast their votes for Bosa, who tied for third with Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns (3 votes) and behind Micah Parsons of the Dallas Cowboys (10 votes), and Aaron Donald of the Los Angeles Rams (5 votes).

Mike Clay, ESPN

Entering the first week of the 2022 season, Clay has 49 players ranked number 13 In his strength ratings.

“This might sound low for a team that played in the NFC Championship last season, but we have to hedge our bets a bit with Jimmy Garoppolo out and Tre Lance out of QB,” Clay wrote. “Lance has quality goals (Depo Samuel, George Keitel and Brandon Ayouk) and a pair of good tackles protecting him (Trent Williams, Mike McGlinchy), although the inside attacking line is a question. Nick Bosa, Fred Warner, Eric Armstead and new top corner lead Charvarius Ward A very good defense.”

NFL Staff Team

NFL More experts at The Athletic They were asked about the seven teams that will go into the playoffs from both the AFC and NFC.

The Rams were selected to win the NFC West title along with fellow division winners Green Bay, Tama Bay and Dallas, with a 98 percent chance of making the playoffs. Meanwhile, the 49ers were expected to be in the wild card hunt, with a 77 percent chance of making the playoffs, the second-highest behind the Philadelphia Eagles (79 percent) and ahead of the Minnesota Vikings (54 percent) and Arizona Cardinals (54 percent). 44 percent) and New Orleans Saints (30 percent).

Peter King, NBC Sports

The NBC Sports NFL columnist released his predictions for the 2022 season on Monday Football morning in America column. King has 49 players to lead 10-7 this season and take third and final in the wild card by holding the tiebreak over the Dallas Cowboys

“We’ve interrupted this endless quarterback’s story to remind you that the other 51 players on this list are very good,” Kings wrote.

The King lost the 49ers to Green Bay on the NFC Wild Card Tour. The interesting wrinkle, is that it has Jimmy Garoppolo takes over for Tre Lance In the seventh week against the Kansas City Chiefs.

John Breech, CBS Sports

in 2022 NFL Preview, Breech has the 49ers (10-7) in second in the division behind Los Angeles (11-6). Notably, Breech expects a “total meltdown” for the Arizona Cardinals, who he believes will finish last in the division with a record 6-11.

The No. 7 seed Breech has the 49er seed out of the No. 2 seed on the Wild Card round and loses to the No. 1 seed fillers in the split round.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News

Air very high in the 49ers This season you predict San Francisco will win the NFC West by a record 13-4.

“The 49ers have the most talented team of the Kyle Shanahan era, and if Trey Lance doesn’t live up to the massive hype (he will), they have a solid backup plan again with Jimmy Garoppolo,” Iyer writes. “Offense, Defense, and Special Teams add up to a high deck with a roof top to win the Super Bowl.”

Iyer predicts that the 49th ranked No. 3 Buccaneers will beat the No. 6 ranked Eagles in the Wild Card round before losing to the No. 2 ranked Buccaneers in the Division round.

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