NFL Insider Notes: Lamar Jackson’s Contract Issues and Major Hurdle with the Ravens, QB1 Future for the Steelers and More

As the season approaches, an artificial deadline for a deal in Baltimore looms large. I don’t understand the meaning of Lamar Jackson and crows Determine the finer points of any potential deal as well.

Sources I spoke to in Baltimore and around the league remain skeptical and suspicious about a long-term deal between Jackson and the Ravens that will take place this week. Although neither party detailed the hurdles in contract negotiations, the prevailing notion is that secured money is among the central issues here.

Jackson, who does not have an agent, has seen the $230 million fully secured contract signed by Deshaun Watson in the spring, as well as fully unsecured deals signed by Keeler Murray and Russell Wilson that have exceeded Watson’s average annual value.

Many demanded that Jackson hire an agent, who could act as a buffer during negotiations with the team so as not to get nervous. I know that many agents over the years – especially the last several months – have tried to offer their services to Jackson but to no avail.

Jackson has the right not to appoint an agent, and I have been told he does not wish to. The fee is usually 3 percent of the contract, although for a contract of this size, many reps will take a lower percentage. Jackson and his mother, Felicia Jones, They always do things their wayAt this point, it is difficult to discuss the results.

“I don’t have any updates on that,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Monday. “There is nothing I know; it was football, football and football for the players and the coaches. That’s kind of where we are. My interactions with Lamar [Jackson] He was all about football, and he was focused and locked into that 100%, from a football point of view. So, that’s where we are, and I personally don’t have anything to add that I know of.”

A source familiar with the negotiations told me that it seems as though Jackson’s feelings “if that happen, great.” Jackson is comfortable playing the $23 million fifth-year option should a deal not go through in the coming days.

“He is confident,” another source said. “He knows he will produce. Where is the urgency if you know you will produce?”

The price of Jackson’s contract has undoubtedly gone up since this time last year. If he takes the crows back to the playoffs, the number will increase even more. The franchise mark in 2023 will be north of $45 million, which will bring Jackson’s two-year cash flow to nearly $70 million. It would also result in a very difficult ceiling number for the upcoming Ravens season which should give Jackson more leverage to negotiate a deal with higher guarantees.

Steve Bisciotti, owner of the Ravens, admitted that Watson’s fully secured deal would make “negotiations more difficult with others,” and it appears they may have done exactly that in Baltimore. But one source told me that “there is no beef” – and from another source that “there is no animosity” – between Jackson and the Ravens regarding the negotiations.

It is not personal. It is strictly work.

Trubisky SteelersBeginning… now

The QB1 job in Pittsburgh was the Mitch Trubisky job he’s lost since he signed his deal in March. “It’s up to him,” said a source from the Steelers, and he did nothing to lose his job. Mike Tomlin himself said Tuesday when he said that “it’s good to make decisions based on what people do” versus what they don’t. But you can expect legitimate concerns: What happens when Trubisky struggles and Steelers fans cheer for Kenny Beckett? Beckett will take all of the backup reps into training this week, and will be the first person to sit on the bench if needed. Beckett became more confident the more delegates participated in the fairs. Trubisky should avoid big mistakes early on.

One Invoices player watching

It didn’t surprise me that the Bills’ reps were split Thursday at CB2 between Kair Elam and Christian Benford. Benford had a solid lead time (and was great if you considered it proportional to his sixth-round pick), while Elam struggled a bit in the Buffalo area scheme early in the camp. Depending on how Buffalo wants to play ramsStay tuned for Elam to play the man and Benford in the area.