Patrick Beverly is really shaking things up in LA

Patrick Beverly wasted no time trolling his new Lakers teammates.

Patrick Beverly wasted no time trolling his new Lakers teammates.
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Patrick Beverly is an idiot.

This is the best way to describe his tough, ruthless and trolling style on the court. He is the goofy friend who speaks his mind and flips the consequences. Pat Biff is exactly what the Los Angeles Lakers need right now.

Beverly hasn’t been in town for a long time and she’s already working to shake things up in Lala’s land. When asked about playing alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Beverly corrected the reporter:

“They’ll play with me,” Beverly said. “I was in the playoffs last year, but they didn’t. It’s a difference…”

Pat Beef is barely settled in the building and already seems to feel at home. Everyone knows who his team is, but he can provide the spark needed to reignite the Lakers’ flame after last season.

Speaking of sparks, old rivals are now teammates, with Beverley joining the same backcourt as Russell Westbrook. The hostility Between these two seems to have been crushed in Beverly’s introductory press conference. When finished, Beverley walked over to Westbrook to get a quick hand to hug his bros quickly.

Hopefully, these two coexist during the regular season. We know it’s all for the cameras, and they’re playing for the Hollywood team. Lots of good actors running around L.A.. Butter Some stay in NBA locker rooms. Never forget the scene when Westbrook was first traded to the Lakers in the latest season. It was all about Ross, LeBron, A.D., and how well they got along. Then the season turned and things weren’t the same.

If Westbrook does not trade at some point during the season, this could end up being another disastrous year. All we see now are smiles, laughter and hugs. Wait until that first game, where the new coach Darvin Hamm sitting russ In favor of pat at prime time. We’ll see how many hugs after that happens.

Sure, James still leads that team, but the Lakers missed the championship even though he averaged 30 dpi last year. They wouldn’t even be in the top 10 of the Western Conference without Davis Slim. Beverly is a nice addition, but Rob Pelinka needs it knowledge Way to move Westbrook and bring in at least two to three pieces that are already suitable.

ESPN has the Lakers expected The start menu is listed as follows:

PG – Russell Westbrook

SG – Patrick Beverly

SF – LeBron James

PF – Anthony Davis

C – Thomas Bryant

Nothing definitive, but that’s uninspiring, even with the expected line-up. As in last year and the year before, this team’s chances of whether Alzheimer’s disease can stay healthy is dwindling. We know what James has to offer, but he’s not the same guy who can drag anyone to the Finals. LeBron now needs more help than ever in his career. Scoring tons of points is great and could potentially pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar as the NBA’s top scorer this year, but that won’t guarantee a successful season.

At this point, James’s successful year is only measured by competing for and winning the championship. Just making a postseason or getting out of the second round won’t cut it. The Lakers’ best chance of doing so hinges on the pair of James and Davis. Having only one for most of the year could mean another early vacation for Boone and the family.

Don’t forget the other team that plays in the same building. Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is set to return, and they’ll be in the mix in a big way. Jamal Murray has to go back to Denver, and then there’s the Suns, Grizzlies, and Timberwolves, who would be better. And let’s not forget the defending champions from the Gulf region. The Warriors will be back and looking to defend their title.

If AD 65 plays games and the Russ/Pat Bev tandem can often align, the Lakers have a chance of finishing in the top six in the conference. Once again, LeBron will do what LeBron has always done. He just needs more help at this point in his career. After all, the King will be 38 in December.