Peter King predicts Odafe Oweh will take second place in Defensive Player of the Year vote

Peter King predicts the crows will win in North Asia. Odafe Oweh is number 2 in the DPOY vote

It’s season prediction and longtime NFL writer Peter King is an all-league pioneer.

King was bullish on the Ravens in 2022, predicting a win in the AFC North over defending champion Cincinnati Bengals.

King has the Ravens as the No. 2 seed in the playoffs (which doesn’t come with a farewell anymore) and a win over the Miami Dolphins on the Wild-Card Tour before falling to the Los Angeles Chargers on the Divisions Tour.

Of course, King cites the Ravens’ improved health from last season as a key factor in their resurgence — specifically pointing to Lamar Jackson, Marlon Humphrey, Marcus Peters and Ronnie Stanley (and there are others who left them).

“There is hope that Stanley will play early in the season,” King wrote. “But Stanley has a lot to prove having missed 26 games in the past two years with a nagging ankle injury.”

In the end, King chose Baltimore to win the North Asian Cup because “I think the Ravens have a lot going for them.”

“First-year defensive coordinator Mike MacDonald was a big change from Wink Martindale. While Martindale wanted to control attack every day in practice, Macdonald uses training to experiment and try to improve. Edge player Odafe Oweh could be one of the beneficiaries, a surprising rising star of the year Two; how crazy is he that he didn’t have any bags as a student at Penn State in 2020?” King wrote.

On the other side of the ball, look for the end of tight fourth round Isaiah Likely, revealing training camp, to be in plenty of tight formations with Mark Andrews (107 catching, 1,361 yards last year). When our offensive coordinator, Greg Roman, isn’t a man. Away from the bombs, that offers a lot of possibilities with tight ends in the middle spaces. Of course, the key will be Jackson. It looks like he’ll get a contract that’s done before opening day, but I doubt it will affect his performance that much.”

One of King’s most eye-opening predictions was about Oeh, who was predicted to finish second in this year’s Defensive Player of the Year by voting behind Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald and ahead of Steelers rider TJ Watt, who won the award last year.

Oweh had five sacks and three forced flop in the junior season, and training camp has many pundits around Baltimore (and now nationally) anticipating another season for monsters.

In his predictions for the 2022 Ravens, Books by Jonas Schafer from the Baltimore Sun That Oweh will become the first Ravens player to reach double-digit sacks since 2017.

“We’ve seen the fury of Oweh 2.0 during training camp and in pre-season glimpses of the action,” Shaffer wrote. “He was more aggressive with his hands, and harder to hit clean as he got close to the edge. In other words, he was unquenchable… He will be playing more picks this year under a new defensive coordinator, MacDonald, who has pressed incredible production from a pair One of the most talented contestants in Michigan last year. Everything indicates that he has become the most productive artist on the team since Terrell Suggs, who last doubled (with a score of 11) five years ago.”

Last year, King envisioned another massive breakout for the Ravens in year two in the same column, and he predicted that Justin Madhubwicki will take third place in the DPOY vote.

In another prediction for 2022, King believes Jackson will finish third in the Player of the Year vote (behind Bills quarterback Josh Allen and Justin Herbert Chargers) and Jon Harbaugh will once again be Coach of the Year, just as he was in 2019.

“Harpo could do it if the Ravens are the only team to go from worst (in North Asia) to number one in 2022,” King wrote.