Pre-Camp List Shot: Northwest Section

Hoops Rumors is taking a closer look at the status of each NBA team’s current roster, assessing which clubs still have some moves to make and which look best prepared to start training camp.

This series aims to provide a snapshot of each team’s roster at the moment, so these articles won’t be updated in the coming weeks as more signings, deals and cuts are made. You can follow Our census list To monitor the teams’ open spaces as opening night approaches.

We’re wrapping up today’s pre-camp list shots series with the Northwest section. Let’s delve into…

Denver Nuggets

Nuggets don’t really need to make any menu moves between now and the start of bootcamp. The regular-season’s 15-man predicted line-up looks like the two-way slots — Gillespie suffered a serious leg injury, but Denver It is said intends to To cling to him while he recovers.

Minnesota Timberwolves

Knight, Nowell, and Rivers seem like very safe bets to join the 12-man with guaranteed salaries on the 15-player regular season roster, but that has yet to be decided. The partial warrants owed to Rivers ($650,000) and Knight ($350,000) are modest enough that Wolves could theoretically go in a different direction without being in trouble for a lot of money.

However, a player like Elleby or Garza will likely have to really impress Minnesota in training camp and pre-season in order to make the regular season team.

Oklahoma City Thunder

With 17 players on guaranteed contracts and Krejci owed a $782,000 partial guarantee, Thunder will have to trade or release at least three players in record deals before opening night. Bazley, Favours, Jerome, Maledon and Krejci are among those whose listings may not be 100% foolproof yet.

Plus, while Oklahoma City doesn’t have a two-way slot, it wouldn’t be a shock if the team made a change to one of its two-way slots in the next month and a half. A player in the second year of a two-way contract, like Waters, is often poorly in place if he does not establish himself as a rotation player.

Portland Trail Blazers

Having walked out of the luxury tax territory with short hair, Trail Blazers are unlikely to fill their 15th place on the list, which would put them back on the tax. But they still have a two-way place to fill – Miller, Rhoden, Cacok and Sarr will all be eligible to turn 10 bid contracts into two-way deals, so there may be open competition in the camp.

Utah Jazz

Having gained more players than they sent in Donovan MitchellAnd the Rudy GobertAnd the Patrick Beverly Deals, Jazz now has an existing quandary that must be cleared. They will have to trade or give away at least other players with guaranteed contracts before the end of the regular season.

It’s hard to say at this point that the nominees’ slates may be in jeopardy, as there are still several commercial candidates on the Utah roster, including Beasley, Bogdanovic, Polmaro, Clarkson, Conley, Jay and Johnson. If several players from that group are on the move in the coming weeks, the issue may eventually be resolved (for example, trading three players in exchange for Russell Westbrook The compensation project would quickly remove the surplus).