Predict 7 players that will make Cowboys inactive vs. Buccaneers

The Dallas Cowboys announced the 55-player talent pool they must choose from in their season opener Sunday night against the Pirate Ship Brady. Of course the NFL rules don’t allow the club to bring all 55 players into the water, instead they have to leave some of their roster on the sidelines, play with the clothes and hopefully have the motivation to make it to the game day roster.

For now though, the Cowboys coaching staff led by Mike McCarthy has another job to do, after a week of swimming lessons. He and the coordinators will fight a better battle in which the seven players at the bottom of the roster will stay on the beach.

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Starting in the 2020 season, active matchday rosters, previously limited to 46 players per team, can be raised to 48 players, as long as eight of those 48 are at least offensive match men. The Cowboys have eight streak guys on the regular roster, and the three backups are sorely needed. Here are our best guesses on the seven players, who have all waited in season or off season for their chance to play, just to snatch it from them in a numbers game.

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The conversation has been going on and the debate has been raging for the past several days. It was said in 105.3 by The Fan’s Bryan Broaddus that the coaching staff was leaning toward leaving Tolbert on the sidelines after an inconsistent training camp put him at the bottom of an unproven depth chart.

On one side of the debate, it’s clearly a problem for Tolbert, the oddest capital being spent in a position where without four of the top five players from last season, he can’t find a way to contribute at all. The selection of South Alabama came as a bit of a surprise to the fan base at large, so this skepticism was reinforced by the discussion.

On the other hand, there are several reasons to hold back from making any kind of judgment. This includes a low number of previous three hits such as Tyrone Crawford (3) and Neville Gallimore (6). This includes Michael Gallup having one goal on his debut and only seven assists in his first six matches.

It would be funny after all this back and forth if Tolbert ended up being active.

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Ridgway, fifth round from Arkansas State, departed from my last predictions on the 53-player roster. He just didn’t look very impressive in pre-season and that’s more than good. Instead, the Cowboys kept him protected and released Carlos Watkins before putting the veteran on the coaching squad.

But Ridgeway will find it difficult to break the spin in front of him until he gets better, with four DTs and ends that can slide inward more than enough in Dan Quinn’s defensive front.

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Gallup has made a huge recovery from his ACL rupture in January, but he’s still not ready yet. He was officially disqualified after Friday’s practice.

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Oklahoma State’s sixth-round pick is on the list, but how many linebackers will be active? Anthony Barr appears to be in sync, so he and Lyton Vander Esch will have the most time behind Micah Parsons, with Gabriel Cox and Luke Gifford behind them.

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It’s an outright neglect among the second day’s 2021 high school picks. It’s as if Wright is sitting or Kelvin Joseph is doing it. Guessing here is Wright, as Daron Bland went through an impressive camp and before the start of Season 5.

The Cowboys can always throw CJ Goodwin in an emergency if more than five corners are needed.

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Kearse was one of several starters to remain under the covers in pre-season, appearing in the final injury report with not participating due to a neck issue. It is listed as questionable and journalists (as a group) will not speak to the coaching staff until after the match.

The scoop will be caught by NBC staffers in pre-game kick-off, and may have leaked before then, but this guest post is that the minor captain will miss the contest.

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Why might not Gifford

As noted above, the Cowboys have a lot of linebackers, and in all honesty they run three safe routes more often than three. So this is a series of chrysanthemums. If Kearse, who often comes down to the penalty area, is out of the box or fouled, the club may prefer another supporter over another full-back.

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Why it might not be a Dowdle

There is a domino effect in running backwards, too. If the Cowboys are going to use Tony Pollard as a receiver for some, backcourt at the same time as Elliott some, or hopefully both, the club should have a third running opportunity.

Why might it not be?

Both are contributors to precious special teams, and these guys usually get a nod at the end of their match day roster. This is likely part of the reason why Tolbert’s name is ever discussed.