Ranking: Grayson Allen is a 7 year old Chicago fan

If the voting results of recent days are any indication, Brew Hoop readers envision a third class of players under the star-caliber triplets above and the core players below. Grayson Allen lasted longer than that group of him, Wesley Matthews, and Joe Ingles to finish seventh in our workout.


The seventh most important player in Milwaukee’s post-season success is…

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  • 76%

    Grayson Allen

    (209 votes)

  • 14%

    Pat Connaughton

    (40 votes)

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As I pointed out yesterday, I’m somewhat surprised to see Allen last so long, given the rollercoaster of fan support he has endured from the home audience last year. His distasteful reputation waned somewhat in recent years before he hit a clever trade last August, but his badly swinging arm ignited Allen’s hatred throughout the league and even among a segment of Bucks fans, not to mention his reception in Chicago. But he got the last laugh though, dropping consecutive 20-plus-point efforts off the bench in games 3 and 4 on top of the same bulls, burying 11 of 14 three-point attempts. Over the five games, he averaged 13 PPG on a 0.600/.583/.750 shooting streak, which included 1 game without goals.

Having become a starter since opening night, Mike Budenholzer seated Allen at the beginning of April for Wesley Matthews and his defense, a move that some saw as a demotion. Although I thought it wasn’t an accusation against Allen but a reasonable basketball decision, and he was back in the starting line-up in the Celtics series, this massive performance against the Bulls was somewhat of a make up for him. He did wonders for standing with the good people of Wisconsin, and he won Even the most ardent critics. However, those happy feelings were short-lived. Despite Game 1’s solidity, he increasingly struggled to attack from depth when confronted by Boston’s top-ranked defense, exhausting only three times in 18 attempts over the next six contests, resulting in only 5 PPGs on a .310/.208/apocalyptic. 571 shooting line.

To make matters worse, Im Odoka did all kinds of actions aimed at Allen, turning his stars into what was often the weakest Milwaukee defender on the field. The Celtics played him off the ground at times, and with that, many Bucks fans have largely forgotten his exploits versus the Bulls, reverting to the common derision that preceded the Bucks era. In fact, a troll (just as a Bucks fan as a Bulls fan) tried to skew the vote for one of our previous polls by stuffing Allen’s ballot box in 11th place. Had he even maintained his usual off-season shooting production, that extra production in Khris Middleton’s absence would probably outweigh the defensive difficulties he faced in the series, not to mention the Bucks’ rickety help.

However, it’s hard to deny that Allen posted a quality year in 2021-2022, averaging a best 11.1 PPG of his career as .448/.409/.865. As the Bucks struggled with injuries to Chris Middleton and Giro Holiday during the early stages of the season, Allen rose to a minor scoring role and at one point averaged over 15 PPGs. His fit looked good alongside Giannis as a reliable scorer who could make entry passes to force his defender to form two teams with the best player on earth, deflect off the ball if necessary, and drain the resulting open three. The two-man Allen-Giannis outperformed opponents by 8.6 points per 100 possessions in 1,228 minutes, slightly higher than Giannis-Middleton at 1,306.

Solid router for its size and More capable defender (who has shades of Donte DiVincenzo in his game) More than he gives credit for, the truth is that Allen is a solid role player and good at it. The one who was able to start as he did after Bobby Portes was ineffective to start the second round, but also the one whose skills and deficiencies can clearly affect a streak as they did in every game this past spring. These are the inherent problems with players. While I can repurpose a lot of What I wrote about George Hill To expand on that statement by reiterating that Middleton’s injury necessitated a player error in the high roles, we also put that into his comment on yesterday’s post, explaining this with a comparison of Portis that I also made to Hill:

[T]Here is a real possibility that Grayson will improve. Similar to Bobby and Pat improving the longer they play with Giannis, Khreis and now Junior.

Not many people could stand Pat due to his stupid attempts or fending off attempts and inconsistent shooting. He came back better and was really getting better every season.

Bobby Portez was put on the bench for the playoff series against the Nets. We all hate to hear it, but if Kevin Durant’s toe wasn’t on the line and he lost Match 7 on the road, would we think Bobby is as bad as Grayson and not a playoff player?

Now I understand why some like Wes and rank them higher, but I don’t think it’s wrong to have Grayson ranked Bobby and Pat are the players left in the ranking.

And Grayson was useful against [B]Deputy in the playoffs with Middleton injured. Maybe it’s like how Bobby was useful against [H]awks when giannis fell. Let’s get over 2 playoffs [sic] A streak in one year ultimately determines if he can play in the playoffs. In one series, he was one of our best players on the team and the other had a statistically historical defense.

While I agree that we should only be one-half in evaluating Allen’s post-season assessment – as we did with Eric Bledsoe – I will add that we have a good idea of ​​Allen’s ideal role in this team. About to turn 27 and on a reasonable contract (also tradable) for the next two campaigns, there is already a chance to improve on his overall positive appearance in Milwaukee. Fortunately for the Bucks, they need nothing more than today’s version of the Allen when the spin is completely intact. In the correct match, he will see the set minutes as a ground break, but the shot will determine his playing time against an exploiting opponent like Boston. With Middleton Slim in that series, I imagine Allen would have been sitting a lot more after game two once it became clear that shooting was an issue, avoiding defensive exposure which earned him so much anger. If he continued to fire the net like he did when he was playing in Chicago, Milwaukee might have moved on regardless.


Gut Check: How confident are you that Grayson Allen will be in the playoffs round?

  • 2%

    1 – Not at all in rotation.

    (3 votes)

  • 1%

    2 – You may play a few minutes alternating here and there.

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  • 18%

    3 – He will get some minutes depending on the series.

    (27 votes)

  • 69%

    4 – Part of the rotation will be playing steadily for the minutes.

    (100 votes)

  • 7%

    5 – Firmly in the spin, playing with the heavy minutes!

    (11 votes)

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We’re now nearing the top end of the list, and while I expect the top three to be cut and dry, I’m interested to see where Lopez falls in the next pick hierarchy all together. Do people worry about his inner defense as he gets older and vote for him under a better offensive weapon, like how Matthews got out of our workout before Allen? Or is Connaughton violating him and Portis as the most reliable playoff player of the trio?


The sixth most important player in Milwaukee’s post-season success is…

  • 52%

    Pat Connaughton

    (80 votes)

  • 0%

    Chris Middleton

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