Repeat in the making?

There was briefly a school of thought that the Warriors, new to the championship and the $350 million roster, were willing to spend more to defend their title. Instead, they tweaked the bench slightly and kept their expenditures relatively neutral, indicating that they expect some of their junior players to come forward and contribute.

While they may not all be ready, they clearly believe that they will be able to put together a formidable 8-9 players in rotation with a mix of young players and newly added bench players. Ultimately, the level of play and the health of all their stars will determine how far they go in the playoffs.

Below, check out our preview of the 2022-23 Warriors campaign.

Menu changes

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back: Stephen Curry, Clay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, James Wiseman, Kevin Looney, Jonathan Cominga, Jordan Paul, Moses Moody, Quandari Witherspoon

Extras: Donte DiVincenzo, Patrick Baldwin Jr., JaMychal Green, Ryan Rollins, Lester Quiñones

the proposal: Gary Payton II (Portland), Otto Porter (Toronto), Juan Toscano Anderson (Los Angeles Lakers), Damion Lee (Phoenix), Nemanja Bellica (Fenerbahce), Andre Iguodala (Chris Chiusa).

strength point

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* Andrew Wiggins can be counted on… It’s crazy how Brooklyn is willing to pay Deandre Jordan $40 million was the first domino to fall in the Golden State title. The signing and trade between the two teams allowed the warriors to keep Kevin Durant Through the salary slot D’Angelo Russell who later turned into Wiggins. He has gone from being a solid defender in his first full season with the Warriors to being an All-Star player and arguably one of the best 3’s and D’s in the final rounds of the playoffs. It may not significantly improve the performance of the supplement and warriors do not need it for it. But if he stays consistent through the regular season and raises his level of play in the playoffs, he’ll stand a solid chance of repeating as a champion.

* They have an elite defense establishment led by Draymond Green…The Warriors had the second-best defense in the league last year, despite Green’s absence from 36 games. They had a dominant 34 wins and 11 losses in their games last season and he had a strong case for winning Defensive Player of the Year had he not missed too much time due to injuries. While Green had cemented one of the league’s best defenses, he had personnel in players like Wiggins and Looney to help maintain a high profile. It would hurt Payton II’s loss, but maybe they can get enough players like Kuminga and DiVincenzo to help take on smaller rival players.

* They can have the best attack with a whole year of a small squad… The Warriors had limited opportunities to play squads that included Curry, Poole, and Thompson on the field at the same time. This was mostly due to injuries and then Kerr needed to adapt to more defense-focused squads that included Looney instead of Paul in the playoffs. Slay their small Nuggets squad in the first round, and they should have all the time in the world to play this squad in the regular season. The Warriors should see their average offensive rating in the league rise significantly this year, perhaps even into the top five.

Weak points

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* Age and durability will always be a threat… Curry enters his season at 35 while both Thompson and Green enter their seasons at 33. All of these guys are playing in a way that you should be aging well and they have so far, but some marginal regression shouldn’t come as a shock. Most compelling are the inevitable injuries on this list. Last season was the first since 2019 they had the Big Three on the floor together and it was still limited in the regular season, but thankfully they were all together in the playoffs. Load management and minute limits should be a huge factor in the regular season as they plan to be ready for the playoffs.

* What if the two timelines do not coexist? … The Warriors have already managed to win at the highest levels while retaining a large part of their roster for the development of many young players. Many teams that have tried to traverse two timelines in one usually fail, and the young players on the Warriors team are still in progress. It’s unreasonable to expect them all to live up to expectations that reflect where they’ve been drafted, but there could be pressure on some of their top picks like Wiseman and Kuminga to make big strides this year.

depth chart

Depth chart for warriors 2022-23 Dionysus Aravantinos

Depth chart for warriors 2022-23 Dionysus Aravantinos

Depth chart for warriors 2022-23 Dionysus Aravantinos

Possible moves

The Warriors still had another record spot on the list to be filled and said to have been reserved for Iguodala. If he doesn’t come back, they can look for a spot on the roster with another veteran, or maybe upgrade a young player in their pipeline like Weatherspoon. Once the Warriors fill the 14th spot on the list, they’ll see their team’s expenses rise to $367 million. They will likely keep their 15th place on the roster open for most of the regular season given that an additional $1.8 million veteran salary threshold would increase salaries and luxury tax expenses by $14 million.

It seems that outside of some small deals to improve their seating or reduce costs a bit, the Warriors are likely to keep their roster intact. The veteran All-Stars are not going anywhere, and unless they let go of some of their young players, they will remain committed to their development for the next era of Warriors basketball. They don’t have any trade exceptions or big salaries moving for trading outside of their All-Stars and recent renewal options, and that alone limits their flexibility toward making an important move.

One aspect of the Warriors season that could cloud them is the contract status of a number of veterans. Green, Wiggins, and Thompson are all eligible for an extension throughout the regular season, while Poole is eligible for an extension until the day before the regular season. Paul’s situation is more urgent because he is the most time-sensitive, and it will be interesting to see if an agreement is reached. His floor could be in the range for four years, $100 million after that Forever Simmons I got that from blazers.



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