Report: Dallas Cowboys agree to left-hand deal terms with Jason Peters

Last week was a bit rough for Cowboys in Dallas. It was just over a week ago when many Cowboys fans woke up to the news that Tyron Smith’s left All-Pro tackle would miss the majority, if not all, of the season. Cowboys carried Smith in the initial list of only 53 men To put him in injured reserve Hopefully he’ll be back sometime this season, but that’s very optimistic at best.

That news highlighted just how poorly prepared the Cowboys were for what he felt was his inevitable absence from the team. Unfortunately, the facts at hand are that Smith entered 2022 after losing time in six consecutive seasons, 100% of the Dak Prescott era.

While many have suggested ways the Cowboys can “replace” him and the most common insider idea coming up has been to send rookie Tyler Smith off the left, a position he hasn’t played since June (considering he has never played in the game period of the season). NFL regular).

Monday brought a much more efficient solution to the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys signs Jason Peters to coaching staff

The word was initially broken last Wednesday afternoon Cowboys are going to be hosting a long time Philadelphia Eagles Addressing Jason Peters on a visit Thursday. The visit seems to have gone well.

The writing was somewhat on the wall as the cowboys felt this was very likely given that they left one spot at first The coaching team consists of 17 players (normally 16 but Isaac Alarcon holds an exemption) is open as they put it together during Wednesday. They will from then on continue to fill it but they will obviously need to make a slot where Peters is due to finish initially.

Peters is not currently the primary version of himself but he is instantly the best left-handed entry on this list. It represents stability and reliability. Play 15 games for Chicago Bears Last season he finished 21st as the best offensive score among the competitions as measured by the PFF. This was the exact thing many were screaming for the cowboys to establish in dealing with it from a deep perspective.

Peters is clearly not a “depth” for this team. While we’ll see if that’s the case in Sunday night’s season opener against Tampa Bay Buccaneers With that happening so soon, he is likely to be a left start for this team which will allow them to execute 80% of the attacking streak they envisioned when they started looking legitimately into this season.

Dallas Cowboys likely to start offensive line after signing Jason Peters
  • LT: Jason Peters
  • LG: Tyler Smith
  • A: Tyler Bidash
  • RG: Zach Martin
  • Q: Terence Steele

There’s no doubt that Cowboys fans will likely feel better about this group of left-handed rookie Tyler Smith on Conor McGovern starting on the left guard. In addition to Peters’ arrival, it happens that McGovern will remain as the inner depth he was One of the five reasons why we say this signature must be done completely.

This is a great move for the Dallas Cowboys and one that will definitely help them in all their endeavours this season, but they shouldn’t consider themselves to have finished tackling the offensive line and specifically the tackling position. At no time in the proposed “replacements” for Tyron Smith has anyone seriously considered Josh Ball or Matt Waletzko which is notable given that they are the two current options for tackling the team’s swing.

In the event Peters has to miss the time, the Cowboys can move forward with a plan of “Tyler Smith on left tackle and Conor McGovern on left guard,” but don’t know how and when that boot can drop playing with fire. The team must realize that they are an unfortunate injury away from going up the proverbial creek without a paddle.

Which is exactly where they were before this move happened.


Jason Peters’ signature rating for the Dallas Cowboys.