SB Nation Feedback: Confidence is high for the ponies entering the 2022 campaign in the first week

Indianapolis Colts fans have spoken, and Horseshoe Nation seems pretty confident that their team will win the AFC South title again for the first time since 2014:

The Colts were helped by some major knockouts from the two-time South Asian champions, the Tennessee Titans, who lost to AJ Brown and Harold Landry for 2022 in the same season. Indianapolis has been the most talented team on paper since at least last season, but it should finally appear in the results column – another season sweep by Tennessee would be disastrous for the Colts to eventually reclaim the division title.

Despite the disappointment of a stunning meltdown late last season, Colts fans are still pretty confident the team is heading in the right direction under general manager Chris Ballard and coach Frank Reich – who are facing a big year in Indianapolis, perhaps even a “make or break” appearance. In the case of the latter:

The Colts have a number of superstars on either side of the ball, but they have no division titles and few playoff victories that appear to them under this current system. The big additions of Matt Ryan, Stephen Gilmore and Yannick Njakwe should plow some holes for Indianapolis in many of the team’s most important positions. This is a simply improved list.

However, it starts with winning the South Asian title, then thinking about a playoff batch in the Asian Qualifiers.

Colts fans thought “The Maniac” might be a medical marvel, returning to the field for playing days with less than two weeks of training time. However, the Colts already ruled Shaquille Leonard out of Sunday’s opener against the Houston Texans:

However, Shaq could return as soon as week two at the Jacksonville Jaguars given how far he’s come from off-season back surgery, even in his limited training time. The ponies may have also thought about the opponent here – as the win should still be expected.

The Texans don’t have to be an easy game (and nothing should be announced in South Asia after last year’s final season upset at the hands of the rebuilding Jacksonville Jaguars), but this is a game the Colts should win single-handedly even without defense. The best player runs from the sideline to the sideline and makes plays.

‘Ding Dong Witch is dead’. It may be a little early for Halloween, but the ponies are hoping to capture one of the franchise’s most terrifying streaks – the team hasn’t won their first regular season since 2013 which is an astonishing feat (*and not in a good way):

If the Colts can’t win that opening — even down the road, against the rebuilding Houston Texans, that streak may not be cut for long. The great, veteran TY Hilton is a longtime free agent and won’t be playing “on his own court,” but it’s time for some of the other Colts to make their mark and get some early momentum to start the year – a w-grab.

Stay tuned for our questions about SB Nation Reaction for the second week soon.