Seahawks vs. Preview

The Seattle Seahawks’ first-week game against the Denver Broncos will be a great early season stick game for many of their key players and center groups, not just the story of Russell Wilson’s return to Seattle.

at the moment, DraftKings Sportsbook The Seahawks as underdogs have 6.5 points, which is a huge points difference considering the game is at home. It is to be expected that there will be significant variance in midfield play, but there are other things that can determine the outcome of that play.

The biggest match this game will feature is a year 2 Patrick Serten corner kick against DK Metcalfe. In addition to that fight, we’ll see how the rookie tackles Abe Lucas and Charles Cross against two of the league’s top edge strikers in Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory. Finally, we’ll see Jafonte Williams wrestle with the revamped midfielder unit under the title Jordyn Brooks. Below we’ll evaluate all three of these matches and who has the edge at Monday Night Football.

Charles Cross and Abby Lucas vs. Bradley Chubb and Randy Gregory

In Chubb and Gregory, the Seahawks face one of the best accelerating tangents in the NFL. Staying on the field has been an issue for both players, with Chubb, entering his fifth season in the NFL, having played just 41 games, while Gregory has played just 50 since joining the league in 2015. When they do, they’re top-tier players. Last season Gregory was 29th in QB hits with 17, 35th in pressures with 29, and tied for 39th in a hurry with 12. These rankings may not appear on screen, but they are perfectly in line with Von Miller’s output from last season. Chap wasn’t his usual season last season as he didn’t score a sack and only totaled 4 QB hits and 10 presses. He’s healthy now and when he was healthy he was in control. In the 2018 and 2020 seasons combined, he played in 30 games and was able to collect 70 pressings, 19.5 sacks and 40 QB strikes.

As shown in the two videos, Gregory and Chubb have a variety of fast passes to attack Cross and Lucas throughout the game. Going up against cutting edge edges isn’t unusual for any of the processors. Lucas went head-to-head with former Oregon star Kayvon Tibodo in college last season, and Kroos played for Alabama twice and Georgia once in his three seasons with Mississippi State. Granted, the NFL is played at a different pace, especially the regular season games, so there will still likely be some sort of adjustment period to tackle the end despite how good the two have turned out this season.

The Edge – Gregory Wechap I don’t expect Kroos and Lucas to have responsibilities or anything close to that Monday night. However, I think given how polished Chubb and Gregory are at passing races, they will win their fair share of battles against starters, especially as the game goes on.

Patrick Sartin vs DK Metcalfe

This is certainly the most interesting one-on-one in this game between two of the sport’s best young talents. Although this is only his second season in the NFL, Surtainll has already established himself as one of the best corners in the league. Last season among the qualifying corners, he had the seventh lowest passing rating for a 61.3 rating, the 13th lowest allowed yards per goal with 5.7, and the 8th lowest completion percentage for 51 percent. Sirten is also one of the most athletically talented angles in the league; His Relative Sports Score (RAS), which measures and compares players’ combined numbers, was 9.96 out of 10, the eighth-highest corner score from 1987 to 2021. There are very few corners that can go toe-to-toe with Metcalf in terms of height and athleticism but Sertin II is one of them.

The Edge – Surtain ll I expect Metcalfe to do the most damage in this game when he lines up away from a sophomore corner kick. Look for Shane Waldron to try to use Metcalf in the slot and move more than usual to either make him avoid Surtain ll or give him the advantage of out of the snap. When Metcalf lines up against Surtainll, I expect the Alabama producer to win the majority of the cast.

Jafonte Williams vs. Jordan Brooks

This sounds like one of those “something to give” matches. Of the players who had 100 combined tackles or more last season, Brooks tied for the sixth-lowest missed tackle, at 4.7%. On the flip side, Jafonte Williams led all the running back in both the missed tackles and the lunge attempts in each of the broken tackle. In the second year, the quarterback missed one more time than Nagy Harris, who finished second but also had 104 more lunging attempts than Williams. Where this game becomes more exciting for me is the scrolling game. Williams averaged 2.5 receptions per game last season, although that number will likely rise this season. Brooks was a below-average cover back player last season, allowing a passer rating of 118.1 and a completion rate of 80.2 percent. This is an area that caller Nathaniel Hackett may be looking to exploit for the Broncos throughout the match.

Edge – Running Game – Brooks – Passing Match Williams – This will be a great back-and-forth battle against two of the best players in their profession. With how sticky striker Brooks is, I would expect him to win more fights than not in the running game. In the passing game I would expect Williams to outperform Brooks in most of his ways. Brooks’ key will be to wrap him up immediately after being caught, because in the open field Javonte Williams is one of the most intimidating spots an opponent’s defense can encounter.

(All advanced statistics cited by Pro Football / Stathead Reference)