Should you trade missiles with cam reddish?

Sometimes a theory is great in concept but doesn’t work in practice.

Communism. Have the government control the economy so you can enforce economic equality. Ideal: No more economic inequality! What is this? Spoilers of power and now the government is hoarding money for itself? Well, we tried it.

Nothing to say that Cam Reddish is a communist.

He might be, but we’re interested in him as an NBA player. So far, it hasn’t been very good. Reddish has, up to this point, been more of a theory than an actual product.

Where did the theory originate?

The winding career path of Cam Reddish

In 2018, Cam Reddish was probably the most sought-after high school basketball player in the USA. In the end, he will choose Duke. Some may praise this decision – Duke is one of the most prestigious programs in the country. The history of the school in the products of the NBA is rich.

Unfortunately for Reddish, some other popular recruits will also see the appeal on their show. Reddish joined Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett on the college basketball season. Suddenly, the ball-dominant star relegated to the spacing tasks. Reddish would see his teammates be picked first and third in the 2019 draft, while he waited until the 10th to hear his name.

Question – Who were you in high school? Who are you now I bleached my shoulder blond hair and had every intention of earning a living as a rapper in time. Stop laughing. Get out of my head!

Reddish was a different player at the time. Subsequently, his exploratory reports included two comparisons more than others: Tracy McGrady and Paul George.

There is a wide range of style between these two players. McGrady was a top shot designer, while George is a 3D suite that doubles as a semi-elite shot creator. Reddish will never be McGrady – that ship has sailed.

On the other hand, George may have been a more influential player in the NBA than McGrady was anyway. How close is he to Reddish?

Predicting the future of Reddish

To look at Reddish’s likely outcome, I plotted his lead on some metrics so far against several players that are theoretically comparable. I looked at two players who were a high-quality score (Andrew Wiggins and Jaylene Brown) and two guys on the other end of the spectrum (Garrett Colfer and Josh Jackson).

The results were interesting. Reddish seems to be on a macro level far behind Wiggins and Brown in terms of their career development. On the other hand, on some finer measurements, it seems to hold a lot of hope.

(Note – I used the Bball indicator to find and aggregate all this data. I finally chipped the bullet and paid for the subscription. Does this officially make me a professional basketball journalist? Can I make a tax write-off?)

LEBRON is a comprehensive plus/minus scale for the BBall Index. It’s worth noting that both Wiggins and Brown made huge percentage jumps between the junior and sophomore seasons – from 11.25 to 63.26 and from 14.47 to 86.93, respectively. By contrast, Jackson fell from 6.38 to 3.57 percent, and Culver dropped from 6.7 to ineligible.

Reddish split the difference. It jumped from 5.37 percent to 22.1. Unfortunately, he dived again in his third year, down to 0.79.

Of course, the numbers don’t tell the whole story. First, this is only one metric. On top of that, Wiggins and Brown dropped in on LeBron in their third years as well, but they’re back again. In all likelihood, the teams started planning for them.

However, both Wiggins and Brown also rose to above the league average in their sophomore years, never falling below it. The Reddish hasn’t inhaled the medium yet. By this projection, he’s probably closer to Josh Jackson than Jaylen Brown.

Andrew Wiggins’ D-LEBRON (which is the defense’s LEBRON) arc leaves room for optimism regarding Reddish. Wiggins was below the league average on this metric for the first five years of his career, never exceeding 25.01 in percentage, until rising to 89.5 just last season. Of course, Wiggins benefited from joining the elite Golden State Warriors program, but there is a point: optimization is possible.

Furthermore, a look at some fine metrics suggests that Reddish has some untapped potential.

In terms of defensive gear, it scores well in some of the major categories even if its overall impact is weak according to D-LEBRON (32.65 in percentage in 2020-21, 1.69 last year). Reddish was in the 91.34 percentile on the BBall Index’s On-Ball Defense scale last season, and 97 in the passing pass defense.

Offensively, he’s also succeeded in some key areas of the 3D Shot Builder and Wing/Secondary. Reddish was 22.57 in percentage in three percentage points in his sophomore year, but jumped to 71.06 in percentage last season. Wiggins made a similar leap between seasons two and three (38.73 to 74.72), with Brown consistently ranking above the league average in that category.

Without getting bogged down by this piece with numbers, we’ll finally notice that Reddish has stayed above the 70th percentile in three-point shot creation ratio throughout his career as well, while Wiggins and Brown have had to work even harder to get that far.

It’s a great. Reddish’s trajectory on some of the key metrics that should define a player’s success in their block has been great. However, the macro- and overall-level LEBRON, O-LEBRON, and D-LEBRON measures all indicate that it lags far behind the Wiggins and Brown trajectories. They put Reddish in the Josh Jackson / Jarred Culver category.

Perhaps there is a standard explanation.

Is reddish suitable for missiles?

Taking a spin on a young player is good business for a team like the Rockets. It doesn’t even matter if they haven’t played well yet. The Rockets should hope to position themselves for a breakout season for the young player.

Furthermore, Reddish is set to extend the junior’s contract beyond this year. His trade value could be close to zero – David Nawapa and a second-round pick could get a deal done.

However, the question still remains: If Reddish is an outstanding defender on the ball and one of the elite defenders, why the poor defensive effect in general? I’ll admit I haven’t seen him enough in recent years for a really reliable eye test, but it’s hard not to wonder if his attitude is getting in his way.

This is the standard explanation I was talking about. If Reddish is an elite on the ball and in the passing lanes, but doesn’t have a strong defensive impact overall, isn’t it possible that he’s not putting in much effort?

after every thing , Atlanta Hawks Reddish transferred on his ascendant contract. This does not happen often. Now, it is rumored that he wants another scene change from New York Knicks. Apparently, he wants a bigger role.

There’s a tension here that’s a little worrying. It seems Reddish would like to be McGrady when he should be Wiggins – and even then, he has to prove that he can always be Royce O’Neale first.

I have to wonder if the Rockets are the right team for a young player looking to try out a bigger role now. If you are reading this, you will definitely want to increase the use of Jalen Green next year. However, some would argue that giving Kevin Porter Jr. more freedom is more important. With it stretched into the air, the team finally needs to know what it already has.

This is to say nothing of Alperen Sengun, and even guys like Josh Christopher and Tari Eason will need reps on the ball. In this regard, Jabari Smith Jr. will be published. Mostly as an off-ball weapon in the first year, but he will still need enough shots available to him.

On top of that, there are already concerns about Porter Jr’s headspace. I Dislikes Play the same chair world with NBA players. As writers, we usually don’t know these guys – I certainly don’t. However, it is an intrinsic part of their analysis as basketball players. Who they are has a direct relationship to the way they will play.

With questions already surrounding Porter Jr.’s mindset. , bringing another player with similar concerns on board would be too risky, no matter what any metrics tell us.

Personally, I’m considering taking a low-cost post on Reddish. If David Nwaba succeeds and picks up the second round in New York, the Rockets may have to entertain the addition of a player with the upside to Reddish. Furthermore, if Kenyon Martin Jr. is dead at his trade request, Reddish might be a good return for him as well.

However, with all things considered, the rockets probably shouldn’t be derailed. Reddish’s upside may be tempting, but for one reason or another, he’s in no hurry to realize it.