Sixers 2022-23 season preview: Will the Big Four stay on the Sixers squad?

TIt’s 2022-23 The Sixers will start their season in September 27 in Charleston, South Carolina.

Before boot camp begins, we’re looking at the questions that will define a team’s season and ultimately determine whether the Sixers advance past the second round of the playoffs for the first time since 2001.

We have checked the following so far:

Next up: Will the Big Four of the Sixers stay healthy all season?

Tobias Harris will be affected by any rumors circulating.

After the Sixers’ pre-trade final in February last season, Harris noted that he was keeping close tabs on the Twitter accounts of Athletic Shams Charania and ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, two NBA newscasters.

Harris said, “For the next couple of days, I’ll be updating Adrian Wojnarowski and Shams tweets, like everyone else. Sometimes these guys get it before we get the call. That’s exactly what happens. I think everyone is in the same situation to check their phones to see what happens.”

Ben Simmons, Seth Curry and Andre Drummond were ultimately the Sixers dealt with on Deadline, while Harris welcomed James Harden and Paul Millsap to Philadelphia. Harris, who turned 30 in July and I got married in August, still sixir. He’s played more games for the franchise (234) than any of his previous four teams, and that doesn’t count his 40 playoff games. Prior to joining the Sixers, Harris’ only post-season experience came in 2016; LeBron James and the Caves swept the Pistons in the first round on their way to the NBA title.

If the Sixers’ current “four-core” doesn’t end the year together, Harris appears most likely to leave. The Joel Embiid deal will be more exciting than any off-field drama for James Harden over the past two years. Anyone exposed to Tyrese Maxey seems cherished and I think he will continue to rise. Maxi will turn 22 when the Sixers host the Knicks on November 4.

Meanwhile, the five-year, $180 million contract that Harris signed in the summer of 2019 is worth mentioning whenever deal-making season arrives. Harris 2022-23 salary of about $37.6 million Top Sixers.

Harris has been impressively modified after Harden’s arrivalAccept a role that involves fewer reps on the ball and more three-pointers. His ability to handle both the surrounding and internal players in defense was also very valuable.

Harris has well-documented flaws. For example, he scored 50 field goals and zero free throws from Game 3 despite losing Game 6 of the Sixers’ second round to the Heat. But in the end, the Sixers’ top four and winger in general were a solid unit after the Harden deal. The top four plus Matisse Thybulle posted a net rating plus 20.3 in the regular season, glass cleaning. The lineup with Danny Green at the Thybulle spot had plus-11.0 net qualifier rating. If Harris plays a fourth post-season role as a Sixer, Chief Basketball Operations Daryl Morey would certainly be happy with something similar.

Wherever the Sixers stand, no one expects Morey to sit in silence at the deadline. He made a lot of important final deals before last season, taking over George Hill in 2021; Robert Covington in 2020; Lou Williams in 2017; Goran Dragic in 2011; Kevin Martin in 2010; Kyle Lowry in 2009.

“Last year we had a deal on deadline and it didn’t quite work out, but overall, historically, I personally have a track record of getting people on the trade deadline,” Morey said during an interview with Mike Misanelli in January 97.5. A fanatic who focused on his approach to the Simmons series.

There’s no pressure to part with Simmons this time around, but Morey is always exploring opportunities to improve his teams and has confirmed that “championship potential” guides his decisions. As usual, fans (and some gamers, it seems) will be updating Twitter in February, curious to see what exactly those decisions are and whether the Embiid-Harden-Maxey-Harris quartet is still around.