Sixers player profile: Julien Champagne

Over the next few weeks, we will be defining the attributes of each player currently in Sixers‘List before training camp, which begins on September 27th.

Julien Champagne

age: 21

Contract Status: two-way contract for 2022-23; Eligible Bid ($1.8 million) for 2023-24

Almost as soon as 2022 NBA Draft In conclusion, reports surfaced that the Sixers were signing Champagnie, who went without drafting, to a two-way deal. John’s producer had a three-year hit with Red Storm. after work Great East All-Freshman’s team, Champagnie led the conference in registering him as a sophomore. He was named to the All-Big East First Team and was named Conference Player of the Year in 2020-21. He earned the first team nod again and finished second in the conference with his 2021-22 record.

It’s the 2020-21 season that stands out when exploring Champagnie. He not only led the Conference in scoring, but also led the Big East in the asserted free throws and plus/minus offensive square. He averaged 19.8 points per game while shooting 38 percent of three at high volume (6.3 attempts per game). Showed a tendency to hit the streak (4.6 free throw attempts per game) with a high score (88.7%, the highest in the conference). In the defensive end, he finished in the top ten in steals (1.4) and blocks (1.0) per game. Champagnie pulled 7.4 rebounds in the competition as well.

Champagine was less efficient in 2021-22, seemingly with more attention paid to him as the obvious focal point of St John’s offense. He was still averaging 19.2 points per game, but all of his percentages dropped.

His 6-foot-8 wing size is probably his biggest asset. He is able to see defense and shoot with his hand in the face. Although he is not a dynamo player on the ball, he shows more ability in this regard than your average player at 6-8 and can attack by knockout. He also proved to be a good builder and used his length to amass a decent amount of stock.

However, we didn’t see much of that materialized during the grueling summer league period. In seven games, Champagnie averaged just three points per game on 22.7 percent of the field and 12.5 percent of three. He didn’t do much to stand out on the defensive side either.

But you don’t want to judge his summer league too harshly. These can be strange environments for young players who lack continuity with teammates who are grouped together and don’t have much knowledge of what the team is running.

Season predictions: Even though Champagnie currently has one of two points in two directions (Charlie Brown Jr. has the other), that doesn’t mean he’ll have it all season — or even by the end of camp. The Sixers have a couple of interesting nominees for Trevelin Queen and Michael Foster Jr. Queen signed a partially secured deal this summer, so if he ceded him and wasn’t claimed by another team, he would have gone in well. Foster Jr. Interesting because the 19-year-old spent last season with G League Ignite and could easily convert from an Exhibit 10 contract to a two-way contract. Isaiah Joe (Unsecured) and Charles Bassey (Partial Guarantee) could be Darkhorse nominees given their contracts.

Champagnie will likely need a strong camp to fend off the competition. He’ll need to rediscover the shot and scoring touch he flashed during his time at St John’s.