Sky’s Future Support Bulls Show, Orlando Over Chicago!? and other revolutions

A new WNBA champion will be crowned this month.

With a 72-63 loss to the Connecticut Sun last night in Game Five, the Chicago Sky team watched their hopes of becoming repeat champions come to an end. As surprising as the semi-final exit for the second-placed team in the league was, how unbelievable it came to be.

The Sun finished the night in round 18-0 to steal the match at Wintrust Arena. This was the longest scoring streak to close a playoff in league history, According to Alexa Filippo of ESPN. Leading 9 points with 4:46 from the end, it was a truly epic meltdown.

Whether it’s by making the biggest comeback in WNBA history or the biggest winning margin in WNBA playoff history, Chicago have been the team known for breaking records. Watching this team fall on the wrong side of history was as unusual as it was unsettling, especially when we consider what was at stake. Not only was the second consecutive championship at stake, but it was also the future of this dominant team.

Last night could be the last memory we have of what turned out to be one of Chicago’s most fun basketball teams in quite some time. You’ll play as staples as Parker, Courtney Vandersloot, Azura Stevens and Allie Quigley Unrestricted Free Agent Market This is offseason. The MVP Kahleah Copper Finals, fortunately, will still be in town as a solid piece to build around, but whether the skies can return to elite form this coming season is up for serious debate.

  • Parker was brutally honest about her future after last night’s game. The WNBA star told reporters that she never wanted to “bluff the game,” and the moment she decides she can’t compete at the level she is used to will be the moment she chooses not to go to court.
  • Of course, I can only speak from the point of view of watching on TV, but Parker seems like someone who still has a lot in the tank. While she may not find the bottom of the net or hit shots the way she used to, her knack for wit and game-making looks as sharp as ever. Parker is still someone who makes a huge impact on winning, and I’d like to see her at least give it back in her hometown.
  • Young Bulls showed some love last night:
  • Even after climbing into the top six last season, doubts remain as to what this Bulls team can really accomplish. ESPN’s Tim MacMahon recently spoke about the future of Chicago with Brian Windhorst and Tim Bontemps on Hoops group podcastand gave an absolutely thrilling proposition: “I’d bet the Magic would win a playoff for the next five years over the Bulls.”
  • Look, I’m not going to sit here and deny that Orlando Magic has a thing brewing. I might not be ready to call the Nikola Vucevic deal a complete failure like some, but there’s no doubt that Orlando actually made the most of that deal. The worst version of Franz Wagner – which they picked up with a first-round pick of the 2021 Bulls – looks like a high-profile role player. Meanwhile, a change of scenery appears to have unlocked parts of Wendell Carter Jr. That once made him a coveted pick in the lottery. Add to the fact that Orlando has the first all-rounder left from Chicago, and first player Paulo Panchero landed on their lap this summer, and they undoubtedly have one of the league’s best young cores to build around.
  • Having said all that… they just finished as the worst team in the NBA. Yes, in-house development and Banchero should help change that, but are we really ready to say that Immediately Have a higher probability of winning a first round over the next five years? The Bulls still have three multi-time All-Stars on their roster—one of whom recently turned 27. Again, I’m not trying to say Orlando is not well prepared going forward, but I would still bet a team with some experience in the playoffs on the team that just lost 60 games. Once that fact changes drastically, then we can talk.
  • Now, with all that said, their concern about the Lonzo Ball’s placement is absolutely valid. You can listen to the full collection of hoops below:
  • I can’t wait for the third!
  • Goran Dragic and his Slovenian crew moved to the individual elimination portion of the tournament after taking first place in Group B.
  • Are you ready to move to Arlington?