Start ‘Em, Sit’ Em Fantasy Football Week 1: Tight Ends – Sleep, Fades, Matches, DFS Bargains

Start ‘Em, Sit’ Em is the best look at the best and worst matches based on the PPR scoring system in fantasy football. This column will not cover elite NFL players like Josh Allen, Jonathan Taylor or Cooper Cope. Instead, I’ll look at the players you have questions about who can exceed or fail to meet expectations at each position. For all your final fantasy squad decisions, be sure to check out my weekly player ratings which will be updated daily throughout the NFL season.

Fabs Top 10
1. Mark Andrews in Gates
2. Travis Kelsey in the Cardinals
3. Kyle Bates vs. Saints
4. George Keitel in Beers
5. Dalton Schultz vs. Pirates
6. TJ Hawkinson vs. The Eagles
7. Darren Waller vs. Chargers
8. Dallas Guedert in Lions
9. Zach Ertz vs. the Presidents
10. Dawson Knox in Ramez (TNF)