Stash the Weekend Waiver Wire: Week 1 (Football Fantasy 2022)

Welcome to the 2022 Weekend Waiver Stashes column. Every week I’ll help you get ahead of your league mates and hide players who have interesting encounters in the coming weeks. Players in this column will be rostered in less than 50% of Yahoo’s leagues, giving you an excellent opportunity to sneak in there and catch them before your teammates turn their attention to them.

Best received from QB for the second week

Matt Ryan (Qatar B – India) – 43% are on the list
Week 2 of the game – Jacksonville Jaguars

The Colts will face the Jaguar in week two, and Matt Ryan will continue his South Asia tour after facing the Houston Texans in week one. The real key is whether or not a scrolling game is required Jonathan Taylor It works in all these teams. I’m sure the Colts come out with a mixed approach and Matt Ryan looks good behind a strong Indianapolis offensive line. If you have concerns about your quarterback and the Week 2 match, hiding Matt Ryan is a reasonable, low-risk move.

High-risk QBs for Week 2

Top pickup RB for week 2

Rashad Al Abyad (RB – TB) – 38% are listed
Week Two Match – New Orleans Saints

It’s a bit surprising that a rookie with a clear path to touch in Elite Attack didn’t make the lists over 38%. Buccanneers aren’t used to crafting players who will take time to evolve as their window to win another Superbowl remains open while Tom Brady It is still under contract. The Saints are going to be a tough match in Week Two with the Bucs, having outplayed Tom Brady twice in 2021 and several back-to-back defensive key players. If this kind of game script put White in the game more often, he could see the kind of high-value touches he was respected when he graduated from college.

JD McKissic (RB – WAS) – 29% are listed
Game Week Two – Indianapolis Colts

With the unfortunate news surrounding Brian Robinson Prior to the season, I made the leaders’ back field more visible in the present. Until Robinson recovers from his bullet wounds, J.D. Makisic will deal with intermittent action as well as splitting time with Antonio Gibson. The team has now shown us that they don’t have as much faith in Gibson as some of us would like. Gibson fumbled with the ball six times in 2021 and also put the ball on the ground during a pre-season game. We should expect McKissic to be constantly involved until we see otherwise. In PPR, McKissic’s value is higher, but half of PPR managers should have no qualms about making a McKissic list either.

Best WR Pickups for Week 2

Marquis Valdes-Scantling (WR – KC) – 49% are on the list
Week Two Match – LA Chargers

The Chiefs will follow up on potential first-week penalty shootouts against the Cardinals with an in-section match against the LA Chargers. These are exactly the kind of matches that Valdes-Scantling fantasy directors should start with. We haven’t yet seen if the chiefs expand the MVS track tree any more than was used in Green Bay, where it was basically going deep roads with little mixing. Camp reports have been positive, and while the floor is quite low, the ceiling is very high on the MVS, with the potential to win the match. Valdes-Scantling’s reputation as a “dropper” is exaggerated. In 2021 I drop zero catches and if there’s a chance the Chiefs will get a better version of it I’m happy to keep it hidden on the bench to decide when I can use it.

Treylon Burks (WR – TEN) – 46% are listed
The second week of the match – Buffalo Bills

Highly crafted wide receivers are usually the types that fantasy managers flock to. However, Treylon Burks’ asthma and general fitness issues have led fantasy directors to believe that even if the opportunity were present, it wouldn’t be sold out entirely. This opportunity is key, though. Burks was drafted directly to replace A.J. Brown. Facing competition for the position of recipient of Robert Woods, who emerges from an ACL injury, and a group of receivers that, at best, can be described as mediocrity. The simple thing is that the Giants need Treylon Burks to be useful, and if a team needs a player to be useful, fantasy managers can benefit. The Burks have a tough Week 2 match against the Bills, but if that sends the Titans into a negative game scenario, maybe he can see some solid opportunities. Ideally, Pyrex can be held in your chair for a few weeks to see how it starts.

Garrett Wilson (WR-NYJ) – 22% are on the list
Game Week Two – Cleveland Browns

Another wide receiver who is about to start his NFL career is Garrett Wilson. It wasn’t long ago that Dynasty managers salivated over Garrett Wilson in the draft, but here we go, and 78% of Yahoo managers dismissed the chance of him being on their rosters. Understandably, people may have an air of fear around airplanes. After all, starting with a quarterback Zach Wilson It is sidelined until at least the fourth week, and Joe Flacco It wasn’t elite in some time. Garrett Wilson also has to compete with a promising sophomore Elijah Mor. As the Jets start the season with tough matches against all the members of AFC North, who all have good passing defences. Wilson may start slowly, but by his farewell weeks, he could be a very useful player as he finds his feet.

The best trucks for the second week

Gerald Everett (TE – LAC) – 22% are on the list
Game Week Two – Kansas City Chiefs

Last year wasn’t the year the Seahawks had been hoping for from Gerald Everett, and now he finds himself on the Chargers, his third in three years. Both recently Justin Herbert Chargers head coach Brandon Stiley was very impressed with Everett’s training camp and talked about how much they expect him to be a major part of the Chargers offense this year. with Jared Cook There was no longer a clear path of opportunity in the team, and Justin Herbert often looked to his tight ends in the red. It’s unlikely that Everett would give you a premium ceiling, but if chargers can put points in as many of us expect, a player like Everett should be on the big list.

Noah Fant (TE – SEA) – 18% are listed
Match of the week 2 – San Francisco 49ers

Not many people are satisfied with a lot of things about the Seahawks right now, but it’s worth remembering that Noah Fant was a player the Seahawks wanted as part of their Russell Wilson trade. Jeno Smith Not the midfielder who inspires when it comes to fantasy football. However, Seahawks’ passing game should be pretty intense, and if the Seahawks find themselves in catch-up scenarios too often, there’s an argument that Fant might see enough size to be relevant. In Weeks 3 and 4, the Seahawks will also play with the Lions and the Hawks, which will provide easier encounters.

Best DST Pickups for Week Two

Pittsburgh Steelers – 30%
Game Week Two – Cleveland Browns

The Steelers are having problems as a team and may not be as appealing to the imagination as it once was, but the Steelers’ defense is not problematic and should not be viewed as such. In week two they play Jacoby Brisset Browns, then the Patriots in week three, all in disarray, and then in week four, the New York Jets, with either Joe Flacco under center or Zach Wilson on his first start of the season.

Philadelphia Eagles – 41%
Week Two Match – Minnesota Vikings

The Eagles are looking full package this year and are starting to become a fashionable Super Bowl pick. The defense contains many clever veterans, and Darius Sly can withstand many of the best receivers in the league, not to mention the defensive line features of the eccentric athlete Jordan Davis and veteran warrior Fletcher Cuse. After the second week, the Eagles play back-to-back friendlies against the Leaders and Jaguar.

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