Steve Curry Hornett? Let the dream begin!

While Charlotte Hornets Fans still have fond feelings for Kimba Walker and see a great long-term relationship developing with Lamelo Ball, and there’s another NBA player who has captured their hearts despite not wearing a Hornets jersey, and that’s Charlotte’s Steve Curry.

When Stephen received a key to Charlotte last week, he made a comment about the possibility of one day playing for the Hornets, which left many Hornets fans dreaming about the possibility.

During his acceptance speech, he said he wanted to end his career at Golden State, but people often ask him if he would like to spend the last year of his career in Charlotte. At the mention of Stephen in a Hornets shirt, the Charlotte-based crowd spontaneously applauded the idea but he quickly calmed them down. He has no plans to leave the Golden State.

But then he added this caveat that should give us all at least a little hope: “All I’d like to say is that if there was a team I didn’t want to play for and that wasn’t the Warriors, (Hornets) it would be.” You can see his full speech below with his comments about the Hornets starting at 4:00.

The future Hall of Famer has always been closely associated with Queen City and North Carolina. His father, Del Curry, played 10 seasons with the Hornets before ending his career with Toronto Raptors. After completing his NBA playing days, the Curry family moved back to Charlotte where Steve was raised. Dell has been a commentator on the Hornets broadcast since 2009 and continues to be one of the most well-known members of the Charlotte Hornets family.

In his acceptance speech, Steve spoke about his time at Charlotte Prep in Lake Norman, and stated that his years at Charlotte Christian “were some of the best I’ve ever had in relation to the community I’ve been able to be a part of.” ” He then spent his college life in Davidson, about 20 miles from Charlotte.

Reflecting on his relationship with Charlotte, he said, “There is still a sense of pride and support to this day for all that I can do on court representing the city in which I grew up and of which I am part through and through…every time I come back (to Charlotte),” I proudly encourage. And it always will be.”

Steve loves Charlotte. Charlotte loves Steve. How can we make this union happen?

Steve is under contract with the Warriors until 2025-26, his age is 37. His cap in the final year of his deal would be an astronomical $59.6 million, so the Hornets are unlikely to be able to make a deal. Just trying to match salaries into a bargain that makes sense for both teams would be nearly impossible.

And that leaves us with Steve as a free agent in 2026. By that time the current dynasty of Warriors could have collapsed long ago. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, like Steph, will both be on the wrong side of 35 and not have that LeBron James-style body and game to still play at the All-Star level by then, provided they’re still even with the Warriors at that point.

So, if the Warriors didn’t compete for championships in 2026 and Steve wrapped up his career at the age of 38, why not join the Hornets for a year-long love fest? He’s already a Hall of Famer confirmed and he’s made more money than he can spend in many a life, so coming to Charlotte on a friendly team can be good for everyone. His dad can even call his toys.

There’s a lot that has to happen every now and then for Steve Curry to end up in a Hornets shirt one day, so it’s just a dream for now.

In the meantime, let’s take a look at remembering that sometimes dreams really do come true.


Do you want Steve Curry to end his career with the Hornets