Sun Center: Will James Jones spend some capital on deals before training camp?

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Commercial dominoes late in the NBA began to decline. Will the suns join the party? Possibly, but that depends on whether James Jones is willing to pay for admission… his future enlistment choices.

While Jones doesn’t place high value on players brought across the draft, that doesn’t mean he feels the choices themselves are worthless. He knows it’s the lubricant that lubricates NBA commercial wheels.

With Utah blowing up their team and starting a complete rebuilding, they want to pick a draft versus any players still on their roster that other teams might covet. For players who return in return (for salary matching purposes), expired contracts or young players with positive potential are also on their wish list.

The Suns have a lot of draft picks and many expired picks but giving up a few of them could knock the Suns out of the race in a mid-season trade that is still possible for Kevin Durant. I’m willing to spend some capital now instead of waiting for something that might not happen later…but is James Jones?

It is worth noting that any player that Suns acquires now through a trade will be immediately available to trade in a one-on-one trade or in multiplayer trading 60 days after they were initially acquired through a deal. What this means is that any player that Suns is trading with at the moment will be eligible to trade again well before the trading deadline. Any player Suns is trading at the moment may have an added advantage in getting a mid-season deal later, but…any big trade would likely hinge on the inclusion of draft picks.

From Utah, Bojan Bogdanovich and Jordan Clarkson, potential business targets such as Harrison Barnes of Kings, John Collins of the Hawks and Julius Randle of nicks. None of them move the needle like Durant does, but they would have moved that needle. Also, it is likely that there will be at least one draft choice to acquire any of them – unless the Suns choose to add one of their best players to a trade show – which starts pushing the door to close on a future deal for KD.

The real question this season is just how far this needle should be moved to propel the Suns into the favored territory of the legitimate tournament…or more importantly, how much does James Jones think the needle should be moved?

We’ll soon see if Jones has actually given up some of these choices to make a deal for someone other than KD.

quotes of the week

“I’m glad to be in Phoenix, I love it here.” Michal Bridges

“Wherever the coach puts me on the field, I can play. Being the center of the team was new to me, but I can play with fives extended, with the ball in my hands and the freedom to make decisions.” – Dario Sarek

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This week in Suns History & Suns Trivia

On September 6, 1977, the Suns acquired point guard Don Boss from the United States Indiana Pacers Ricky Supers. Buse will only miss one game in three seasons for the Phoenix while averaging 8.0 points, 4.4 assists, and 1.9 steals per game. In 1979, he helped take the Suns deeper into the playoffs before losing 4-3 in the Western Conference Finals to the title-winning Seattle Supersonics. The NBA Finals 4-1 against the Washington Bullets. Buse still ranks third on the Suns All-Time list of career thefts per game with a rate of 1.93 per game.

On September 7, 2004, the Suns signed to the top of the Summer League by breakneck speed and Japanese-born PG Yuta Tabuse. Utah was at Dallas training camp before being cut and with Denver in pre-season in 2003 before signing with the ABA’s Long Beach Jam where he averaged 5.3 points and 6.3 assists in 2003. He scored seven points in his first game In the NBA against a team Atlanta Hawks On November 3, 2004, on that day he became the first Japanese player ever to play in an NBA regular season game.

Utah Tabuz highlights NBA debut

He was later waived by the Suns on December 16, 2004 after playing in just four games averaging 1.8 points, 1.0 rebounds and 0.8 assists in 4.3 minutes per game. “I loved his energy, I loved his courage,” Sun assistant coach Mark Ivaroni said of Tabuz.

Tabuz eventually returned to Japan where he continued playing professionally until 2018, playing for two J-League teams and winning the MVP award at the finals in 2010.

On September 11, 1984, the Phoenix Suns won the 1984 Italian Open with a 148-121 victory over the New Jersey Nets in Milan, Italy behind Rod Foster 25 points and 24 Walter Davis. The Suns finished 4-0 in the tournament.

Classic Suns Highlights

Walter Davis Suns 40pts / Force OT / Game Winner vs Sonics (1979)

The 1983-84 Phoenix Suns upset reached the Western Conference Finals

Important dates in the future

September 26 and 27 Media day / open training camps.

October 2 Suns vs Adelaide 36 (pre-season match) 7:00pm EST

October 5 – Suns vs. Lakers (Pre-season game in Las Vegas) 7:00 PM EST

October 10 Suns@Nuggets (Pre-Season Match) 6:00pm EST

October 12 Suns vs Kings (Pre-Season Match) 7:00pm EST

October 18 – The regular season begins.

October 19 – Phoenix Suns vs. Dallas Mavericks (Season Opener) 7:00 PM EST

December 15 – Most players who signed during the vacation period can be traded.

December 25 – Phoenix Suns @ Denver Nuggets 10:30 p.m. Eastern time

January 5 10-day contracts may now be signed.

January 15 – All players who signed during the vacation period can be traded.

February 17-19 – 2023 NBA All-Star Weekend/ All-Star Game (Salt Lake City, Utah)